February 17, 2021 – Austin Winter Storm, Finger Pointing – Facts, Diversions and Worrying News

Contrast Dallas and Austin lights use during #TexasFreeze via Ari Schulman @AriSchulman https://twitter.com/arischulman/status/1361685147402317824?s=21
Contrast Dallas and Austin lights use during #TexasFreeze via Ari Schulman @AriSchulman https://twitter.com/arischulman/status/1361685147402317824?s=21

I’ll start with very sad, very worrying news. Wife nad I lived in Galveston on and off 3 times, raised our kids there, spent another year and a half there after retiring, and of course still know a lot of folks there 😔

Move to the probable human causes –

And from my own blog post earlier –

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Can’t do anymore today. We’ll wish and hope and pray for some kind of improvement. Stay well, help as you can, including for oneself – only way to be around to help others 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] Yesterday’s 2nd post was a sad look at our ongoing free and power problems, so here’s a bit of typical Texas humor surfacing from the ice here in Texas 😊 Power is coming back on for lot of folks here in Austin. El Paso, Sheila told me, was wise enough not to go “private” and unanswerable to those “Feds” and had plenty of power via our country’s shared Western Grid.And one of our Texas senators was able to catch a flight, with police escort, to Mexico.Those 3 links above should give folks a general overview 😯 And anyone who’s followed the above Senator’s remarks about “Mexicans” know the wry humor in that 😏 […]

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    • Thank you, Tiffany! ❤️ So many people without both and we at least have kept electricity at our son-in-law’s place. Went to our apt today, over 4 days w/out heat! Crazy preventable crisis 😏 I just posted a new post, this one w/a bit of wry humor, glad I did 😊


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