August 05, 2021 – Working a New 16×20 Acrylic, Working Title : Testing the Water, Enhancing the Landscape

Enhancing the landscape for Testing the Water, 16x20 acrylic on Golden Light Molding Paste ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Enhancing the landscape for Testing the Water, 16×20 acrylic on Golden Light Molding Paste ©Felipe Adan Lerma

This doesn’t portray the current stage of my new painting as well as it should. I probably took the pic too late in the day; the texture is stronger than I see it and the colors more subdued, but I figured, time being what it is right now (concerns with my mom, having the 8 yr old overnight after his band camp practice), best to show something while I keep working this.

Still, there’s an etherealness wanting to come through I really like.

It sounds like (even to me) I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, and that’s partially right, lol!

I do know I’m experimenting within a certain range, and most of all, I am (gladly) being mystified by what’s emerging. It’s not that often (often enough?) that happens!

There is something, is this much sparser density of coloration, combined with enhanced textural surface, that really appeals to me.

I know I can do a variety of style of work, and more and more so in a variety of media —

But what do I want to produce more of?

Regardless of sales?

This feels like maybe getting closer to it —

Images with combinations of line work, soft fluid colors, texture. Weird combo. But hey, if the creativity flows… 😊

Interesting to see the side by sides, even if the lighting’s uneven ‘tween the shots 😊

Stay well everyone! Fit the world into your own creativity! ♥️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. You hit the nail on the head with, ‘what do I want to produce more of?’ It should always be about what we want to create, not what others might want to buy, that is when we create our best work! And this newest piece of yours is absolutely wonderful, Adan, personal, and created with love!🥰

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    • I’m so glad you expressed it like that, Tiffany! It seems like what we truly want to create is, ironically, what we are most responding to both within and around us, and we can just get where we can express it cleanly and clearly enough, it can’t help but resonate; the irony being it happens from being in touch with ourselves. Crazy and amazing and wonderful 😊 ♥️


    • Thanks so much, Robin! I think I’ve finished this piece, now just need a decent image; thought I got one today but little too cloudy for a full good shot; softened and tweaked it here and there but didn’t dare touch some of the parts, esp those my wife liked best, lol! 😊


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