August 11, 2021 – The Resurgence of COVID-19 : My Mom Has Passed

Mom & Dad wedding pic BW
Mom & Dad wedding pic BW

I had a hard time finding a lifetime’s theme of encompassing love and nurturing that did justice to my mom who just died of Covid, and put it into a blog post.

A challenge, a pleasure and a remembrance of a woman who while nearly universally proclaimed by family and my friends (from grade school thru high school to college!) as an angel, she lived her life so angelically and seamlessly, I never noticed it happening.

It just was. It just is, to this day ❤️

And most striking to me now, I see it so plainly on hers (and my dad’s) expressions above 💕

But the most defining reason my mom was is an angel, is the quiet reach of a heart and mind that rarely wavered between those two parts of her. I don’t know what word that’d be, might could think of one eventually, but not important enough to rummage my mind with that right now.

Irrelevant. Unnecessary.

The proof is in the relationships of the crowd of children almost always around her.

They include – growing up and living breathing her love together – related to me, brothers and sisters, a step-daughters / daughter and son, nieces and nephews – many if not all now with children of their own….

helen philip tania aimee jason nora noe - at mom's house - the early years 😊
helen philip tania aimee jason nora noe – at mom’s house – the early years 😊

And it wasn’t isolated moments, as the time between the pictures above and below attest to.

Galveston family in the 1980s on our porch
Galveston family in the 1980s on our porch

And I see it continuing with the children the children (above) now have! ♥️

The children's children 2011
The children’s children 2011

And it radiates from my mom. Even to today ☺️

The children’s children 2011

My mom is an angel ♥️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] leaving a natural imprint of the good in life in the children that entered her life. If there was one dominant group of people at her service and burial recently, it was the sheer number of children, some almost grown, some thinking they were grown 😊 and some still all too happy to be little […]

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  2. […] this grim statistic for where we live, Austin; and apparently true for most of the state of Texas.That she lived her life fully belies the somewhat separate issue of a dire situation affecting basically the bulk of our state […]

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  3. […] breaths 💕 Here’s a link of my post of her before our trip to say goodbye in Houston – well everyone! Breathe in the good, even if just in moments ☺️ […]

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  4. Your mom, a most beautiful woman and your dad a very handsome man. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss my friend. She will be in our prayers. There’s comfort in knowing our parents lived a long and fruitful life, being loved, admired and respected by family and all…I lost my mother back in 1988 and I will tell you, Felipe, not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. May your mom rest in peace.

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