September 13, 2021 – Something New For Me! Sketching with Austin’s #UrbanSketchers Group! What a Treat!

September 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma
September 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma
I think I missed a chance to give this even more of a dappled look than I accidentally created; something to remember for next time!

Something very new for me yesterday – painting with the Austin group of Urban Sketchers! 😊

I was especially nervous because I hadn’t painted outdoor since the mid-2000s during a workshop, was using materials I didn’t even have then, didn’t know how it might get (even if scheduled for morning), and maybe worst of all – the parking situation near UT in town, lol!

Luckily our local Urban Sketcher folks here are very familiar with urban Austin & our outing was scheduled for a Sunday morning, ie, cooler & less traffic!

While I think my 1st sketch of the morning (below) was a bit sparse I really like the colors; and while my 2nd sketch (top, header image) was a bit busy even for me, it seems to have more form. All in all, folks (onlookers and others in our Urban Sketchers group) were very kind, saying my images were very pretty.

And I gotta admit, if I have to default for an emotive expression for my work, pretty comes close to wanting to express a sense of aspiration for the uplifting; so I’ll gladly take the verbal thumbs’ up’s 🙏

September 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma
September 2021 Urban Sketcher Austin outing image ©Felipe Adan Lerma
I’d drawn a 5×7 line frame onto this “way” back; comparing it to the top image (both are on 6×9 paper), I like the open edges better ☺️

I took a couple of quick photos of work set out before we all headed home, and you can see there’s an amazing level of both draftsmanship and painting. The FB & Instagram links below the images will be a good place to see much better captures of the group of images and individual pieces ❤️

There’s an online signup via Meetup .

And there’s also the Facebook page, which has the ongoing pics and news of outings here in Austin – .

Plus, even though I rarely go there, Instagram ( hashtag #uskaustin )


For me personally, it was wonderful to be out and mingling / chatting with other artists for 1st time in a very long time. There’s a supportiveness and sharing of purpose, regardless of styles – that’s very encouraging and liberating.

Equally liberating for me was not having the time or luxury to get so “studio-ish” and to simply work on the fly – learning for next time, enjoying the process —

— even if – “wanting to get it exactly right (and not getting there)” – is always there, guiding my impulse to reach a little closer to a work , lol! ☺️

Take care everyone! Seems there’s always new things to try out – yay! ♥️


ps – reading over my post, I think I’m realizing, more deeply than beforehand, I need to work fluidly, quickly, including lines w/my color work in my plein air work (my digital work’s a bit different for me, in feel & pace), and yet try to use creative judgement to produce cleaner work at the same time; Sunday morning’s outing with Austin’s Urban Sketcher group was as productive as it was enjoyable! 💕

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Wife & I love going outside to walk, and going outside to paint is such a great extension of that. We had a rare 3 day semi-respite from the heat here & now the triple digit heat indexes are back, but after nearly 5 months of this it’s gotta be getting ready to let go & leave us breathing a relief, lol!

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