September 24, 2021 – New Most Viewed Image For the Week @FineArtAmerica, Ridges of Spring Light, #watercolor, painted late 2019

I’ve recently been including Ridges of Spring Light in several of my blog posts about dappled light and masking fluid, not because it was meant to “be” dappled light, or that I used masking fluid creating it, though it does have three distinct areas of canvas (coated with absorbent ground to accept watercolors).

No, Ridges of Spring Light contains a sense of dappleness, often created with masking fluid, and I used that image here to illustrate the idea that a variable sense of light sometimes just comes about, even in an abstract.

I wanted a sense of light, but had no pre-conceived way it should appear, where the light source might be, or kinda insured it to happen via using masking fluid. This is an almost purely intuitive work triggered by fields of spring green fields near our home then.

Ridges of Spring Light is also my 1st watercolor effort on absorbent ground applied onto canvas.

An artist friend of mine, Nancy Griswold, commented thus on Fine Art America —

Lovely and mysterious image, such beautiful and soft imagery FAV/LIKE×6-acrylic-watercolor-2-felipe-adan-lerma.html

Now I’m trying to create watercolor (and acrylic) images with a similar effect (see below), but on a differing ground on canvas – light molding paste, and, preferably with at least one figure in the art 😊

Irregardless, I’m very pleased that Ridges of Spring Light was most viewed last week. I was very pleasantly surprised how it came out, now nearly two years ago, and still marvel at my marvelous good luck in not overly working this small little beauty ❤️

I guess if there was such a thing as abstract impressionism (which I doubt lol!) Ridges of Spring Light would probably qualify 😊

Take care everyone! Stay hopeful! Enjoy all the marvelous ways of art! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. […] had at home, so I picked up my only other two, plus a few more gallery wraps, from my stash of the smaller 6x6s I was using when a 1st started experimenting with watercolor almost 2 years ago now. These smaller sizes will let me experiment more freely, mixing colors etc. […]

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