May 05, 2022 – New 22×28 Inch #Acrylic #AbstractArt Upload @FineArtAmerica – “Spring Rising”

Spring Rising ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 22x28 acrylic on stretched canvas, May 2022
Spring Rising ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 22×28 acrylic on stretched canvas, May 2022

Strength girded inside the soft rising of Spring’s eternal hopes.

©Felipe Adan Lerma

At 22×28 inches, canvas on stretcher bars, Spring Rising is one of my relatively larger abstract works so far, not counting my multi-canvas panel abstracts, or polyptychs as I’ve found out they’re also called.

But Spring Rising is a nice change of pace, being one canvas. Also, being high key in color, I also found it a nice change to experiment layering both the textures and colors from light to darker or more intense, vs dark to light.

I like working both ways, each directional mode its own distinct painting puzzle and challenge 😊

Something else I’ve been experimenting with more and more, is extracting what I’m calling “Fragments” from the full original painting. Finding / choosing some small portion that by itself seems really interesting to me.

I think these kind of “fragments” will one day be very useful as images in themselves – and – provide me with more ideas, with larger forms than I usually use, for more paintings!

I’ve several new larger palette knives I’ve used a tiny bit, but am anticipating using them more soon. In this new work, I stuck with my smaller knives, actually feeling the one panel to be small compared to painting 2 of them into a diptych, like I’d recently been doing with a work I’ve decided to call, Eyes of the Universe, a 2 piece canvas set I’d recently been calling “Seeing” – 😊

Below is one of “fragments” from “Spring Rising” ☺️

Fragment of Spring Rising, May 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, full original -
Fragment of Spring Rising, May 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma, full original –

Stay well everyone! There’s so much we can enjoy in our lives! 🙏 ❤️ 😊



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  1. […] real sure.I can’t see giving up also doing very colorful work, even the more occasional very high key painting ala Spring Rising, but I definitely also love work dark to light as in my BW work 💕 It’s not an opportunity […]

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