New SilverSneakers Exercise Streaming Opportunity on Facebook Monday 03.23.20 10:30 CST


I’m glad SilverSneakers has already added/scheduled a followup to this week’s initial live class stream – very much looking forward to it! 💕


Review of 1st live class :
excerpt –

What a really neat half hour experience!

Most I’ve felt I was in a real class, but live via my iPad, lol!

Jenny, the instructor, carried all the energy and humor and relatedness that can only be found in a live class, and only surpassed by a live class of the same caliber teacher but with equally real time feedback to the participants in the class.


Extra info
Plus, SilverSneakers has a link to replay of today’s event –

In addition, there’s hundreds of on-demand classes on their site, at –

If you’re ever interested in their certification programs (Sheila & I were certified back in 2010), I wrote a few posts about them way back smile. And of course I’ve written & reblogged many times since about this wonderful group –
My SilverSneakers posts


Initial post:
excerpt –
I’ve been catching more and more posts promoting being or becoming positive in heart & spirit during our present day virus crisis and all its attendant challenges on our hopes and well being.

This particular one my wife told me about. Being that all our gym resources for us here in Austin have closed for the time being in just the last few days, including even the small fitness rooms here where we live, it’s great that so many, like The Y and Gold’s Gym – and SilverSneakers – have begun providing apps and online alternatives.

At a time when so many resources are being curtailed, and much needed other health resources are just beginning to be provided, it’s good, and very welcome, that such a solid standby for seniors as SilverSneakers is providing this. Though obviously similar to recorded classes online or on DVD, that particular event is scheduled to be live, is frankly, really nice. I look forward to seeing if I feel a real difference vs recorded workouts.


Today, commentary
It’s truly wonderful to see so much of the community, nationwide, respond to an untold need of both the simplest and most complex of supplies and means to help our society – maybe literally – survive.

I hear of small events here locally, read of massive efforts in other states, all rising from regular people and from the states. I can only be grateful….

We truly are all in this together 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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