March 31, 2022 – SilverSneakers’ Online Live Classes ( 15 – 45 minutes ) 1 Month Later, Are Even MORE Super!!!

SilverSneakers' Live Online Classes March 2022
SilverSneakers’ Live Online Classes March 2022

Above is one day’s schedule of classes beginning at 7:30 CST

Barely a month ago, I posted about finally trying out SilverSneakers’ live online classes. They run 15 – 45 minutes in categories like strength, cardio, stretching, Zumba, Yoga, breathing, and much more!

If I was amazed then, how easy the classes are to do ( or even leave if & when needed, without disturbing others ), I’m really amazed now!

Some days some classes clock in with 1000+ live participants!

If an instructor has an equipment fail or other problem, SilverSneakers apparently has a backup instructor who can at least fill in impromptu on the spot!

Seated variations are usually cued in standing classes, and frequently quickly modeled for clarity. I esp need that right now ’cause of my plantar fasciitis “thing”, lol!

Cues to breathe ( inhale / exhale ) are frequently spoken with the movements.

Some instructors give wonderful visual cues with given movements, adding meaning and depth, not to mention just sheer plain enjoyment, to simple movements. Almost a visual meditation in movement!

I even heard an instructor cuing participants to hold their weights with a straight – not bent – wrist; one of only a handful of times since Sheila learned about this studying for our fitness certifications via AFAA over a decade ago we’ve ever heard this mentioned ( perky seniors we were, lol! )

My blog post on that issue, how and when to hold one’s wrists straight during exercise, with pics, titled “Hand-Wrist Positions with Prop Work – a Tidbit Post, # 1” – is from June 06, 2011 ☺️ I evidently thought about it well enough to include wrong & right positioning samples!

Guess which one this is below — 😊

Showing wrong example - Wrist Extension Using Block & Pillow
Wrist Extension Using Block & Pillow
©Felipe Adan Lerma

I’ll try & post some links next time around to another early yet continuing topic of interest in my life – my early posts re creativity & yoga 🧘‍♀️

Meanwhile, below, just for more samples 😊 is another day’s beginning classes —

SilverSneakers' Live Online Classes March 2022
SilverSneakers’ Live Online Classes March 2022

Above is another day’s schedule of classes, also beginning at 7:30 CST

Classes are available during the day Mon-Sun, from early morning to early evening ‘cept weekends when there’s a shorter schedule.

I think what Sheila and I like best ( she does some classes I don’t / can’t ’cause of my foot injury ) is we can pick and choose classes that really appeal to us without driving in Austin traffic! Plus, registering and canceling classes very easily as needed.

What other folks seem to really enjoy, and we also think is great, is the instructors often hold over after class to answer questions submitted via the Chat option on the Zoom screen. Folks from all over the country! Folks wanting to learn, folks wanting to be heathy, folks taking control of their lives! Pretty darn amazing ❤️

Stay well everyone! This is a way you can exercise how you want, when you want, in the privacy of your home, with hundreds of others online!!! 😊 💕



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] is my 1st attempt joining two into a finished diptych. Plus Sheila and I are hitting a stride with our live online SilverSneakers fitness classes, going from 1 or 2 – 15 minute sets when we began a few months back, to a handful or more […]

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    • Tiffany, they’re live videos, so yes, when a question comes to you, list it on the chat window via zoom, anytime during or after the class. With sometimes 800+ folks commenting, not everything gets answered of course, but keep with it, because they do seem to go over all the comments for potential important-to-the-participant questions. Hope you find some good answers and workouts 🙏 😊


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