Advantage Smashwords – Distribution

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Advantage Smashwords – Distribution


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Advantage Smashwords – Distribution


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The previous two days, I posted the “advantages” linked to above, for both Scribd and Amazon.

Today I list a very important consideration and advantage for Smashwords, their distribution range.

Yes, iTunes distributes world-wide, as does Amazon and Kobo. And Barnes & Noble is expanding.

And yes, one can upload to them individually. Actually I have one or two books in iTunes and Barnes and Noble and Kobo. I left those in there so I could keep my account, but removed the other titles to be able to handle in one swoop via Smashwords.


Smashwords Distributes To :

There are so many options (one can also opt out), I think the best thing is to simply list what’s currently available.

This list usually is expanding, though recently, I believe, Sony went out of the ebook business.

I’ve also notated what I might or might not know about that channel.

Sony – no longer in eBook business

Barnes & Noble – growing distribution channels

Kobo – wide distribution

Amazon – very wide distribution, but limited availability via Smashwords

Apple – very wide distribution, possibility of an ebook subscription service?

Diesel – no longer in eBook business

Page Foundry – not familiar with

Baker & Taylor – distributes to libraries, but no personal experience beyond that

Blio – ditto

txtr – new subscription service, coming soon?

Library Direct – i’ve opted out, not clear on how this works

Baker-Taylor Axis360 – no personal experience

OverDrive – huge potential, unfulfilled at the time of this post

Flipkart – distribution into India, no knowledge beyond that

Oyster – good distribution system, limited success for me so far

Scribd – great customer and writer contact service, good sales channel so far


Additional Advantages of Smashwords Wide Distribution

  • Non-exclusivity
  • Option to opt-out
  • Set royalty rates across the board
  • One stop submission and distribution


My New Thriller

Smashwords extensive distribution channels, and my ability to upload directly to most of the major channels myself (doesn’t apply at this time to Scribd, Oyster, and OverDrive; maybe others, but not concerned with those at this time).

That gives me my direction for my newest work, a novella thriller, “One Night in the Hill Country.”

Preview on Goodreads
Preview on Goodreads

For a probable Vermont image intensive ebook for later this year, that probably won’t be the case as has been with other image books I’ve produced. File size will be a steering factor in my choice then. See my post, Advantage Amazon KDP – File Size.



Reminder, tomorrow’s post is: Advantage Amazon KDP – Ease of Publishing.

I’ll have a very specific example.

Thanks so much (smiles)


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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