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Advantage Scribd – Reader Data


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Advantage Scribd – Reader Data


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Though I’ve previously compared Scribd to Oyster, then Scribd to Kindle Unlimited, today and tomorrow’s posts approach comparisons between ebook subscriptions a bit differently.

I’ll take a specific feature important to me, and explain why a particular platform is better, again for me, than the other.

I reference the “for me” part so strongly because, despite rah-rah supporters for specific vendors, there are really more similarities than differences, but the tiny things that set one apart from the other, are often only important to some people.

In other words, except for things like (for readers) specific authors, or (for writers) specific enabling features, it’s seems more like personal preference to me.

With that said, below is why, with reader data, Scribd is far far beyond any other service’s info for writers, including Amazon.

Tomorrow’s post, in a book type where size definitely matters, Scribd and Amazon swap places in regard to which is best for file size. Important for books with large images. Essential for book files beyond a certain size.


Data Points

Scribd has lots more data writers could have, but evidently something between Smashwords and Scribd blocks that info getting to us.

However, what info does get to us as writers, is very helpful.

I’ll give two examples from my July stats.


In a subscription program, readers can and will come back to finish your book.

Since my own reading behavior confirms this idea, I figured I can’t be the only one who “tastes” a title, then saves it for another time.

Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink

payout type: READ
viewed pct: 76
interact start: 2014-03-04
interact last: 2014-07-13

I have “lots” of short stories and novellas on my Kindle, Scribd app, and iBooks (Apple) that fit how a reader responded to my very short story, “Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink.”

Sometimes I forget I even have that short work, or I’m not in the mood for reading it, or I’m into other titles I’ve already begun. Any number of reasons. But the ebook is there, and it costs the reader nothing extra to maintain that title in their library, and read it any time convenient and desirable for them.

Thus, a reader sampled the beginning in early March, then came back mid July and read it.

I consider that a huge plus.

In many ways, it’s even better than a DVD via Netflix, that I’d need to have resent to me. It’s more analogous to their streaming service. Start, end, and pick-up a movie (or in this case book) title when I want.


If a work is read quickly, you’ll know it.

Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa

payout type: READ
viewed pct: 96
interact start: 2014-07-28
interact last: 2014-08-01

This info is particularly gratifying, not only because it’s my latest work posted (also a short story, but much longer), but also because I was trying out a new way of structuring the story.

Here, instead of a direct narrative line, beginning to end, I have segments, like chapters. Because the slices within the story are so short and within a piece which itself is short, I simply used asterisks (vs chapter numbers).

I also jump point-of-views, adding perspective.

And I do these cuts and jumps fairly frequently and quickly.

I enjoyed this style so much, I applied to my newest work (on preorder) “One Night in the Hill Country” which is a novella.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

Seeing and knowing that a reader started and finished the work in a few days, was very encouraging and validating.



Reminder, tomorrow’s post is: Advantage Amazon KDP – File Size.

Thanks so much (smiles)


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