Advantage Amazon KDP – Reporting Time to Authors

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Advantage Amazon KDP – Reporting Time to Authors


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Advantage Amazon KDP – Reporting Time to Authors


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This seems harmless enough, and obvious enough. Amazon reports quickly and cleanly, across all areas of its offerings and location outlets.

Books sales, sale promotion sales (or free downloads), Kindle Unlimited downloads and views, borrows, just about anything I can think of, gets reported promptly. And, as far as I know, accurately.

While true that Smashwords has vastly improved its reporting from several vendors, especially Apple and Barnes & Noble (we’ll hope their pmt and other glitches are transitional, not structural), their reporting from Scribd and Oyster and OverDrive is lagging lagging lagging.

So what? A legitimate, if abbreviated question 🙂

After all, one could claim, the writer gets the figures eventually, gets paid, and that’s that.

Well…except for one very important thing that delay in reporting sales so far from when they happen (up to two months for portions of the reporting period) :

The writer can’t grab the momentum in real time.

Thus, Amazon provides real time opportunity for an author to hype his or her work, right then.

That can be big.


Reporting Time to Authors, Why Important

This morning I saw that “Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Around Blvd St-Germain, Small Streets of Paris, Notre Dame – Days 1 & 2” sold another of its 99¢ copies.

I immediately went to the product page and sent out a “trending” tweet.

And Amazon even included a “sample” link.

If a selling trend built beyond a certain point, it might even warrant a blog post, a Google+ post, an email alert, etc.

But I wouldn’t, and don’t, know that about my sales at Scribd. They have the info. But something in their info-business-relationship doesn’t get that information to me. I won’t even speculate why. It doesn’t matter. I can’t hype sales that are gathering interest, to help that momentum, until four to eight weeks later. That’s often too late. At least for a small fry author like me 🙂

So this is an easy one, but for much more important reasons than simply being able to smile about another sale – clear advantage Amazon on reporting sales (borrows, etc) to authors.


Ready for Pre-Order –

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“One Night in the Hill Country”

I now turn my attention to posts about my writing process and my new fiction interest, thrillers!

My first, One Night in the Hill Country, is now ready in PreOrder for release on October 19th, my birthday. 🙂

A sample excerpt, approx 3000 words of the 30,000 novella, is available via Goodreads, and on my site.

Links to pre-order sites are listed.

I hope you’ll join me, and also take a peek at any my other stories that might interest you.

They are generally all available via major online etail outlets, subscription services, and libraries.



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