Advantage Amazon Kindle Unlimited – Audio Book Tie-in to eBook

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Advantage Amazon Kindle Unlimited –

Audio Book Tie-in to eBook


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Advantage Amazon Kindle Unlimited –

Audio Book Tie-in to eBook


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Audio and Text in KU

Not too surprising, that this is a huge advantage for Kindle Unlimited (KU). Amazon owns Audible, which produces a huge number of audio books, and can sync listening and reading pretty seamlessly.

Also not too surprising this is an easy advantage to call for Amazon, since no one else (that I know of) has audio and ebooks merged in one program. And certainly not with the reach and variety in KU.

I’ve read several blog posts where the writer said the joining of available audio books to their ebook in KU is one of their main reasons for even trying Kindle Unlimited. That’s pretty impressive of how important that feature is to a subset of readers.

Direct Info from Audible


Audible itself has an info page: Audible Audiobooks And Kindle Unlimited that covers topics like :

How do free audio books in Kindle Unlimited work?

Identifying a free audio book in Kindle Unlimited

There’s about a dozen help topics plus contact info for more help.


My Audio Books

Paris Shorts Vol 1 AudioBk imageMy list of audio book titles available are also listed at :

I’ve been very fortunate to have quite a few narrators to work with who really enjoy the process.

My audio books (ebook also available) include work in poetry (family, sports, love) and fiction (Paris, Texas, family).

Paul Woodson currently has created the narration for the most titles I have, especially within the Slumming in Paris series. He recently became an Audible approved narrator for his work, making him eligible for competing for stipends and other work. His web page, with links to the variety of work he’s doing is at:


Last Thoughts

I don’t know if any other subscription service even has audio books in its horizon. And this is not a market the size of ebooks themselves. But for those who enjoy, or need, audio, to enjoy the written word, fiction or non-fiction, this is an indispensable feature.


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