Advantage Amazon (via Goodreads) – Advertising Your Writing

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Advantage Amazon (via Goodreads) –

Advertising Your Writing


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Advantage Amazon

(via Goodreads) –

Advertising Your Writing


September 30, 2014

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Why Advertise on Goodreads

For me, it boils down to the reasons below as most important.

I’m still very much experimenting, and may find other better reasons later. (smiles)

Targeted Choices

I have a variety of fiction and non-fiction work: grandparent stories, photo books with images from Vermont and Paris, and most recently, suspense thrillers.

It’s definitely fun seeing which group of readers responds to which ads.

Controlled Cost

All advertising channels have suggested prices. I’m on an uber-low-budget, so I always start lower and work my way up slowly, testing to see how things work.

Adjusting prices per click as been very easy in Goodread’s control panel.

Effective Reach

The audience is readers. And lots of them. Hugely important.

Easy to Stop, Pause, and Experiment

The Goodreads advertising dashboard has been super easy for me to use so far.

It makes wanting to experiment to find the best ads a smart thing to do.


Best Wishes

As with all conscientious efforts, I firmly believe a good dose of good luck makes everything work better (smiles).

With that said, I wish us all the best with our writings. As Joe Konrath often points out, books are not a zero-sum game.


Links for More Info

Goodread’s get-started-from page.

Super clearly laid out step by step options of creating an ad.

Eight bullet points of reasons: from targeting to paying only for when people click your ad.


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    • Andrew, right now I’ve an ad for my pre-order thriller, and one for my Amazon author pg announcing I’ve titles in KU. Once my thriller is up, I’ll probably try micro-runs (commit a sm amt of $) to differing title types. Once I have some of those results under my belt I’ll def do a post & let you know (smiles). Yeah, kind of fun to play with ideas and options.


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