Second Month in Kindle Unlimited – Erratic, But Better

One Night in the Hill Country med v3Second Month in Kindle Unlimited –

Erratic, But Better


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One Night in the Hill Country

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” In many cases, the author’s writing style in this book is succinct, flowing along more like free style verse than strict narrative. Both the flow and the choice of words carried this reader quickly along from beginning to end….”


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Second Month in Kindle Unlimited –

Erratic, But Better


November 24, 2014

Category – Platform Advantages


Risking Exclusivity for More Time for Health

Health Benefits So Far

The above header was the lead in for my first month’s review of being in Kindle Unlimited (KU), and it remains the best constant, despite improvement in sales and the beginning of borrows (or reads) within KU.

In my increased time from needing to do social media for a variety of outlets, I’ve been able to attend five early morning bootcamp classes, five alignment yoga classes, and just this past Saturday, my first kickboxing class.

I’ve also been able to resupply my poetry and image gifts on Amazon’s Marketplace, plus add two new images.


It’s been heartening to have a few sales begin to show up, despite a flattening on the numbers the last week of the second month period. I’d begun KU in late September, so I use that rolling thirty day period for my count.

Borrows in KU

And I’ve seen a nice beginning of borrows or reads in Amazon’s ebook subscription program, Kindle Unlimited.

Other Creative Work

I also continue to work on other creative work I enjoy, some shorts and some photo-memoirs.


Time is always what’s shortest on supply, and at my age, it seems even more so!

I don’t miss the extended delayed reporting on the distribution platform I was on before, and I remain hopeful.


As always, if you have read a book of mine, honest reviews are an indie author’s best friend. 🙂

Thanks so much,



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