My Day Ahead – Sept 19, 2019

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Today another dr visit, this time w/my primary to review how/where I am after this second surgery. Other than not being able to quite yet eat like I used to, and the longer length of time before strong exertion like lifting, I think I’m progressing in terms of fitness faster than the 1st surgery. That’s good 😊

I’ll leave Sheila off at Gold’s Gym, head to the dr’s, then go back & either pick her up or wait her there, depending on how quick I get seen, ie, all the usual unknowns 😊

At least last night’s Colbert was as good as hoped, Brady Bunch & all!


Early Morning
(change of plans, early morning walk)
Got a call – 6 yr old’s momma was going to work at his school’s Green Classroom, so we took him home vs making the same trip she’d be making to the school.

Good timing, both wife and I’ve really pushed ourselves with classes (her) and walking (me). I forget I’m still just 2 days shy of two weeks since my surgery. Hate to see how impatient I’d be if I wasn’t as old as I am, lol! 😂 But the soreness throughout my body says there’s not much left to cross-train to for recovery.

‘Bout the only thing left was lowering the intensity – a lot!

Our plans to repeat Monday morning’s activities at the Y were too soon to be meant to be. Since the drive taking Max home is relatively short, and he goes to school so early, it was barely getting light by the time we got back home. We decided (after another cup of coffee) to take a more leisurely recovery enhancing cross-training-like saunter round the apts. It was still cool, it was still quiet, and we could take our time 😊

Wife, “Wanna walk this way?” She pointed by looking. West toward the clubhouse and pool, east toward the back units bordering houses in the neighborhood.

I’d already thought about it, and was glad she asked, not knowing it was gonna take a bit take the good-morning kinks out.

“Let’s go through the other units,” and I pointed south.

These were newer, taller units, but lacked the older trees round ours.

She gave a muffled nod, meaning, “Yes,” but without clear context. Crossed my mind she was going along to get along. We both do that sometimes.

I glanced at my tracker.

If we could do 2-3000 steps, I’d have a shot for our 7500+ recommended goal.

Better yet, since I was so tired, sore really, 30 minutes was a better goal.

Time active vs intensity active. Sorta.

I told Sheila my druther, she nodded and we set out.

Yesterday’s wonderfully cooler drier morning air was gone. The now tropical storm drenching Houston had somehow figured out a way to return us to another probable 100 degree day. Yuk, lol! 😂

Despite that, at the air was still as day old pancakes left out overnight 😊

And full sun was, hopefully, at least a half hour from cresting the rooftops around us.

She pointed out the various plants we passed by, and I searched for and complained about a cigarette butt here, a candy wrapper there, dog poop, an abandoned soda water bottle, trying to gripe the aches from my body. I must’ve thought if I spewed out what hurt in me it’d join the rest of the litter I and I’d feel better. It didn’t 😊

I mentioned the new fitness ball I’d just gotten wouldn’t work for the walks, and heard her silence between the sound of our feet finding and pushing the pavement away, added, “But sure worked good playing ball with Max with.”

She pointed to an square of grass with a barbq pit in the center, said, “You could play there with him, have more room.”

I motioned to the south of the square. “If we lost it over that fence we’d never get it back.” Motioned to the high wall of units north of the small cooking pit. “Could hit a window that way.”

I felt her shrug without looking at her, heard her softly say, “Probably so.”

We rounded the loop to the divides between the two once separate complexes – on/off gaps with either recycling cans, parking spaces, and a drive through from complex to complex. Traffic was light, but I motioned to the filled recyclers – “We can cut through.” My arm had gone up and pointed, uninspired, slow as a retired greyhound’s nose remembering when it once couldn’t wait to go outside, but now really just as well rather stay put.

Her shudder bristled by so quick I just kept walking.

“I don’t like going there.”

“Area’s clean around the cans.”

“Gets my feet wet.” She waited, added, “then I can’t wear my shoes later.”

We kept walking. Reached a junction of places to choose from to walk.

“You choose,” I said.

“No you.”


“Ok, that way,” and we headed toward the back units facing the neighborhood. I liked that. Meant we’d round the front where the school kids waited for the bus nearer the end of our walk, reversing our usual course, giving us the feel of a different path.

We made a hop onto a curb, then a walk.

Glanced down at her shoes.

Sleek open top pull-on sneakers built to breathe, and get wet.

I studied my own as our steps kept moving forward. Full foot wrap to my ankles.

I wasn’t getting wet. But she would’ve. Told her I’d finish up breakfast when we got back. Glanced at the tracker on my wrist. 3000+ steps. Checked the time.

“We done 30 minutes yet?” she asked.


Saw she was tiring too, added –

“We can make the 30 just going back now,” I suggested.

She smiled. “Good.”

(dr home visit)
Our insurance offers home visits as part of our coverage and last year we did our 1st via a nurse. This year they sent a doctor. It’s a good perk. Plus the dr was quite a character. Knew what she was doing. Smartly deferred surgery questions to the surgeon. Tested us for memory, BP, plus personal and family histories.

My wife asked her didn’t they have all that information already?

Doctor set her tablet down, and shook her head, said –

“They don’t tell me anything ahead.”

I nodded. Thought, smart.

This way, I thought, she gets 1st impression 1st-hand information w/face to face affect and body language. Smart.

It took awhile, and Sheila smartly let me go first; we each got grilled, uh, questioned, uh, interviewed first one then the other. When I was done I excused myself and went to the bedroom to finish up my post about “Autumn Austin,” posting 7 hours before this one. I knew I could sneak back into the file for this post and add the live link then 😊

7500+ low intensity steps.

It’s been a long but good day.

I’d looked forward to our evening assortment of fruit snacks since the dr visit. Banana, Little Cuties. Added to mine a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar and a freshly bought whole wheat fig bar. She added to hers slices of liverwurst (yuk!) and a slice of jalapeño havarti (too spicey for me! 😂).

And we both looked forward to catching a recorded Colbert that sounded more promising than even his usual good ha-ha 😊 , then maybe a sneak-peek is-it-good look at a new Amazon original, “Late Night.” Another synergy or coincidence redux to match a recent post of mine?

Who knows?!? But the stars are speaking in unison!

And I’m ready to listen ❤️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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