My Day Ahead – Oct 08, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Unsure whether I’ll go w/Sheila to SilverSneakers circuit today, or go out walking w/my camera. I don’t have to decide till late morning, so we’ll see.

Need to decide on a reblog, send some emails.

After that? Depends…

Cooler temps scheduled for another day or so, then hot a couple of days, then a longer cool down.

I’m still inflecting w/the seasons 😊

Waking from the heat…



(a full day)
The weather changed after “only” 5 mths of record heat, lol!

And, I attended my 1st fitness class since my 2nd surgery, a SilverSneakers strength class (with a sprinkling mix of cardio and stretching 😊).

Plus, I updated another older post!

Then mid-afternoon, at the peak of the heat of the day (a good 20+ degrees cooler than the standing temps of the last 6 weeks or so), I went for a walk and took pictures of flowers obviously sensing their chance to shine once again before winter 🌹 😊

All biggie things for one day!

(inflection points)
But from all this, the big story for me is, this was an inflection point day.

I recognize it. It happens when “things” change, but not like the surgeries, more for the positive, immediate positive, not later, like when I’m well, recovered, etc, lol! More like when we go to Vermont, or went to Costa Rica, or stayed in Paris 5 1/2 weeks, or start a series for an art show, like I did for Art Hop 2018. This, today, is not as big an inflection as that, but still, an inflection. After almost a 1/2 year of heat, I can go outside again. I can take pictures again. I can let my sense of wonder wander so to speak! 😊

Inflection points for me are short intense opportunities to live as I imagine I would choose to live forever. But I know better. Seasons exist and change for a reason, even at the equator, even at the two poles, lol!

I will continue my My Day Ahead series —

I’ll reblog a bit more, and continue of my series Adan’s Images, detailing the images I’ve uploaded to Fine Art America since spring of 2016 —

And I’ll let myself become immersed in our all-too-short finally-here autumn-pause between heat and, well, heat, lol 😂 Though I will admit, up front, there’ll also be these very brief, our-area’s-unprepared-for, cold snaps. Sometimes in the teens. Which is the 100s in Vermont (where there’s hardly any ceiling fans or air-conditioners).

So hello, dear fall weather. Please don’t make us say we hardly knew ya 😊

(insights during movement work)
Part of that inflection today included recognizing during SilverSneakers how much I still continue to gather insights for myself when I do movement, like when I walk, but more so when it’s too music and focused and concentrated through a whole hour.

It’s been that way for me for ages. I think I can see where doing construction my whole teenage span, where the job required continuous movement, may have ingrained it. I think I can recall having these breakthrough reflections even doing square dance in fourth grade, but they were gestalt reflections, with no words or specifics to tie them to myself in my memories – except as pleasurable, enhancing, invigorating. My 1st recorded instance I can recall, with my own words and specifics, was a poem I wrote in 1994, Cross Country. And of course I find the same thing happen when I paint. Photography, I’ve found, works that way for me too, though, more rarely in Austin, yet more frequently in parts of Vermont, Paris, and Costa Rica. Maybe because photography, in Austin, involves less movement, unlike new locales where I have plenty of places to walk filled with new sights. Because, there was a time I could go out in Austin for hours, and do nearly the same.

So what was the inflection-insight I caught doing foot, leg, arm, torso movements during SilverSneakers strength class?


The magic of it.

I remembered, vividly, during class, listening to the stream of 50s, 60s SilverSneakers music, that I’d once disparaged their music? Why? Because it plays at a just slightly slower beats per minute than the originating regular-radio music. At least that’s what Sheila & I were taught back in 2010. I plan to call SilverSneakers Tuesday & see if that’s still the case 😊 because the music during class sounded distinctly slower, even if only slightly so — and I was glad!

It fit where I am now, and that’s ok 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. Glad to hear your weather is cooling off and you can enjoy the outdoors again! I am grateful every day that I live in San Diego, we pretty much have perfect weather and we do take advantage of it! I know what you mean about being insightful while on my daily walks, it’s the perfect time to self reflect and recharge my creative flow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true about recharging our creative flow; Sheila & I can’t resist taking advantage of the short time of good weather we get here; my son goes or use to go to San Diego for his work a lot & said he loves it there 😊


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