Carry Exercise: The Most Effective Exercise of All Time – SilverSneakers

The carry exercise trains your entire body for ultimate function, strength, and stability. Here are six variations you can do with a kettlebell or dumbbell.
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Quite a title, right? 😊

I kinda discovered this exercise one day at The Y not too long after my 2nd surgery this summer, though I used a light weight ball vs a kettlebell.

Nothing I read in the article, and nothing in my previous training as an instructor with SilverSneakers, and via AFAA, indicates “something” else, could be substituted. In fact, the article has a link regarding how to decide how much weight to use or start with

If you’re new to strength training or haven’t done it in a while, Smith suggests starting with just the weight of your body to master exercises with proper form and alignment.

Also, as with any good exercise idea, one can substitute other objects than a kettlebell. I like a soft, easy to grip, light weight ball. The article speaks to issues re starting, such as injuries etc, so I was lucky to 1st have experimented with this particular choice of weight (or lack of, lol! 😊)

All of the following exercises are described using a kettlebell. That’s because with kettlebells, the weight hangs below the handle, making them ideal for mimicking how you carry things in real life.

But, to start with, to get a fantastic amount of useful enabling information, this SilverSneakers post is one of their best I’ve seen.

Attention is directed to wrist placements, which muscles work with particular variations, posture, who with what type of muscular or other problems should avoid or modify what movements….

So, my goal, at this point in my multi-surgery recovery, I’m more interested in rebuilding an even simpler aspect of real life – walking with greater and better strength and balance. Yeah, just that, lol!

For me, that means a ball soft and light enough I can toss it back and forth between my hands as I walk, pass it front to back around me – one direction then the other, do arm raises, tricep pulls, and really just about any movement – again, while walking – that feels good, comes to mind, or is just plain fun ❤️

Plus, very important to me, use an object that, if I drop it, won’t make a crack in the floor at the gym, or fall on mine or someone’s else’s foot and hurt them! 😂

I highly recommend this article from SilverSneakers.
Follow it’s links. Bookmark the pages.
Try it out! 😊


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  1. Thanks for the post on Carry Exercise….will look into it. I’m wrapping up my PT next week and my Dr (who happens to be my niece) is going to give my stuff I can do at our local gym and will look into the info on your post! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • How very neat! A direct line & someone you can totally trust! Yeah, with a new knee, you’ll almost automatically be doing a balancing routine. I imagine the Carry exercises would be great for you, but with all kinds of tweaks ‘cause you’re starting from a surgery, kinda like an injury in effect if not in name, lol! I think that’s great, Kirt! Let us know how u do! Plus will you be prepping for the 2nd knee surgery too, or just aiming to get well for now?

      Liked by 1 person

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