Aging Through Covid-19, May 17, 2020 – Sunday Rest with Review of Art Pieces to Improve

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Sunday, a Day of Rest, Sorta 😊 

Wife & I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, deciding to stay in our current rental into early next year, getting our car inspected and renewing the tags, and of course lots of walking & live SilverSneakers classes and most of all – great meals, lol!

I’m hoping to finish the new figure work on transparent ground on black gesso today, plus spruce up yesterday’s post’s image (see below). Yes, I‘ve now snuck it in twice over two posts, lol! I definitely want to “clean up” the edges to create a cleaner vintage look.

The current work, for now titled Dancing Free, below the Paris painting, shows how the transparent ground “clouds up”, creating the soft streaking across the black gesso. The tech folks at Dick Blick said it shouldn’t do that, should be fully transparent (these guys were very very helpful!); so I’m using up the transparent ground experimentally; maybe order/try it again, but not in the near future, or, just stick with both the black and white absorbent grounds, where’s there’s plenty I can do to say the least! Don’t need to decide either way right now, thank goodness 😊

I also need very much to do a stand alone post ‘bout my making May Artist of the Month with Creative Arts Society.

A Walk in Paris With a View of the Eiffel Tower ©Felipe Adan Lerma watercolor on absorbent ground, May 2020
A Walk in Paris With a View of the Eiffel Tower ©Felipe Adan Lerma watercolor on absorbent ground, May 2020
More of my Paris photography & paintings can be seen at Fine Art America

With the new figure work below, I want to straighten the raised arm. I feel it’ll give the overall image even more lift. Other than tinkering with the figure just a tiny bit more, if that, I’ll either have made this an even better image, or ruined it, lol!

Dancing Free! ©Felipe Adan Lerma, in-progress Watercolor w/white gouache on absorbent ground May 2020
Dancing Free! ©Felipe Adan Lerma, in-progress Watercolor w/white gouache on absorbent ground May 2020
More of my Paintings Collection can be seen at Fine Art America

The benefit of this type painting though is, it’s such a surface mess so to speak, I risk a lot less adjusting the arm than otherwise.

Red circle obviously is my problem area, and yellow line directional I think will make this feel more like I’d like, uplifting, more interesting somehow 🤔 😊

(afternoon update)
I did get to work on the dancer image above late this morning, a real treat I’ve been trying to be able to do for many days now, get a morning painting session in, and, I think I have her arm much closer to how I like it, plus added some tiny bits of white gouache here & there that I really like!

Hope to have an image of that up soon, but do have very full days Monday & Tuesday (grandchild, then dr appt for Sheila), but will wiggle it in very soon, looking forward to sharing it with ya’ll 😊 The title will probably still be similar to Dancing Free, but with Stars in it, but haven’t decided the right wording for this dancer image quite yet, struggling to get the flow of words right – it’s all in the arts ain’t it? Verbals and visuals, and more! 💕

So take care everyone! Stay well, stay safe!
Keep the child inside well fed with natural loves! ❤️



Suggested link :
Another fellow artist to explore, from someone who’s stayed prolific throughout the pandemic and is making sales of her work online, is Tiffany Arp-Daleo – an inspiring example on both counts, creativity and sales – yes!! 😊 I particularly like her recent series of hearts 💕 She mails free to buyers in the US, and her site is at – The 1st heart-image art she made that caught my eye, with wonderful acrylic layering, is at – .

Series linkAging Through Covid-19

Do you have good, positive, useful or encouraging info to share? Please post in the moderated comments below 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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