March 16, 2022 – Rearranging My “Art Room” at Home for a New Endeavor : Polyptychs, ie, Art on 2 or More Panels, Part 3 – Getting Some Answers

In-progress, 3rd inlay, Adan's 1st 4 panel painting March 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 20x40 inches, acrylic on canvas
In-progress, 3rd inlay, Adan’s 1st 4 panel painting March 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 20×40 inches, acrylic on canvas

Despite another grueling chores & other stuff day, lol, I pushed through into painting for a bit, clarifying I think the energies in the painting.

Still a bit more to go, but I’m clarifying to myself 😊 the direction and feeling I want this new more-complex-abstract-than-usual work to go. I’ve definitely chosen to rebalance the 4 panels in favor of the left 2 panels’ lighter balance of swooshes of colors.

Because, though my path is equally determined by what unknown happy accidents/revelations occur each time I touch the canvas, my equally determining choice of how to respond to each change on the canvas, is my final call. Even when it’s an “allowing” of a creative impulse to come through and determine how and what I apply new to my painting.

A strange partnership – creativity – between what’s inside me, and what materializes as colors and shapes and textures before me. Best of all, I’m learning to love it in the very personal way it is ☺️

I do want to address, in a “very” simplified manner, some ideas and issues about trying out this new format – polyptychs.

  • what / who got me started thinking ’bout doing my own panels ( polyptychs )
    — mostly Joan Mitchell, and I’ll have more on that in the future; interesting stuff I think 😊
  • how / why the larger size 4 piece panel painting ( only 1 done to date so far ) differs from the 2 smaller 3 piece panel works creatively for me
    — though I’ve only shown the 2 smaller 3 piece 6x6s from a distance in this post, and I will go into this more as I experience trying different sizes in this format, I can say simplicity ( in the smaller size ) vs complexity ( in the larger size); or as my son said at lunch recently talking about polyptychs, “It’s a matter of scale, handling it, scaling up.” He’s in finance and I have a feeling he knows/feels this applies across many disciplines.
  • and where I see ( hopefully? ) this new-to-me approach heading
    — and this, I thought I knew the answer from the start, which was/is to create larger works using multiple canvases on hand. I’m beginning to see I may have entered the Twilight Zone 😊

Finally, our youngest girl, bringing over the now 9 year old, brought along a friend visiting from Belgium during SXSW, took a peek at my emerging art room, stopped, and said, “Oh, you’re an artist!” One of the nicest compliments I’ve had in years ❤️

Meanwhile, I feel very fortunate to have been able to get this post readied 🙏

Stay well everyone! Stay curious, stay creative 💕


ps – still no title for this piece; I’m thinking – “Mountains and Waves”

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. I’m having difficulty leaving a comment, Felipe. I’ve tried a few times to say a big thank you for the repost. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. And, like you , I’m very pleased to be in contact with artbuddies around the world.

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