May 08, 2022 – Remembering and Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Family photo Sept 2004 Galveston Island ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Family photo Sept 2004 Galveston Island ©Felipe Adan Lerma

My mom, my dad, 2 granddaughters, and Sheila

Apparently I’ve quite a slew of Mother’s Day posts over the years, lol!

And yesterday ( Sat, May 7th ), I got to spend more time with family – other than my mom’s funeral last year – than before the pandemic! In sweltering near 100 degree weather ( heat indexes at 110+ ) Sheila and I attended a large mid-day gathering for our youngest granddaughter’s birthday at a bustling downtown Austin restaurant ( Taquero Mucho, loud but fun 😊 ) plus, early evening, went to the youngest grandchild’s ( the 9 year old ) elementary school festival where he and a fellow school mate led a litany of the school’s performers by opening with a 2-man guitar & drum act ( “very” cool! 😊).

And as I teased some of the grandkids ( several now in their 20s – see the 2 above in the pic ) about memories Sheila and I had of them, and they resisted remembering ( though with a grin ), I floated several searches into my phone’s cloud and came up with this 2004 photo featured here ❤️ the purpose of which was originally to show the 2nd oldest granddaughter a picture of her on the trip we said we’d taken her and her sister on, with my parents, to Galveston.

What happened though – because I am and can be very dense at times – is, besides the two granddaughters in the photo squealing and grinning with memories, is, when I showed the photo to our oldest girl, the 2 girls in the photo’s mom, she 1st lit up, then burst into tears seeing her grandmother, my mom, also in the picture. She, our oldest girl, in the medical field, was one of the few who saw my mom in person her last days alive, struggling with Covid.

And I realized, feeling – “duh” of course! – Mother’s Day is a sequence, a chain of happenings and lives still happening. My mom’s passing did not end the meaning, or impact, of Mother’s Day with her death. I live on. My daughter lives on. Her daughters live on.

I’m just glad that, whatever face I managed to summon that bright blue sunny day in September 2004 on the beach by the water, it brought a smile across all those faces in that photo.

But I was just shining their light, back to them…

I think now, when, as a very young child, I’d see my mom’s radiant face, I’d simply been reflecting that same look back to her, and she’d felt that, and shone right back at me.

I saw that look in the granddaughters’ faces at the birthday luncheon.

I saw it on the 9 year old’s face at his school’s evening festival.

Love, it seems, is truly a continuous confirmation.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!

Stay well all 🙏 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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