May 23, 2022 – My Most Viewed Image this Past Week @FineArtAmerica, “Walk Among the Wildflowers” #Watercolor #panorama

Painted in 2020 right at the 2 year mark ( A Walk Among the WildFlowers – New Watercolor on Absorbent Ground, May 2020 ), this small panoramic watercolor has returned for another most viewed week; it’s previous most viewed week about a year ago! There must be an anniversary-thing involved in all this, lol!

I haven’t quite figured out a way to make a print of this, but maybe with some dedicated digital art time ahead I might could figure out a mat-like structure to “house” the image in something printable standard size 😊

I’d need to have it scanned to, never been able to capture the tones decently with either of my cameras yet, regardless of which one I use.

I’m beginning to suspect it has something to do with watercolor pigment properties, ’cause I have similar problems with other of my watercolor originals.

Either way, I consider this a good problem ☺️


Below, is a shot of my top 12 most viewed —

Some images have begun to repeat so much, I’m literally gonna repeat what I wrote last week —

I imagine my regular readers are starting to recognize perennial favs that pop up fairly frequently!

And to tell the truth, so am I – good thing I review my views each week ☺️ 💕

Austin Pink Sunset ( old ), Blue with Gold Twilight ( recent ) , Walking With the Stars ( newish ), Spring Blush ( relatively recent ), Time at the Musee d’Orsay ( very old )

Maybe I need to start looking at making prints of more of these, now that I’m refocussing on getting more of my original photography and art out there in 8×10 and 12×18 size standard size prints? Something for me to ponder 😊

Most views past week @ Fine Art America mid-May 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Most views past week @ Fine Art America mid-May 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

A quick reminder to everyone, myself included, this image – Walk Among the Wildflowers – would never have happened without the care and love that makes the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center the vital reminder of what was and is good about our patch of Earth here in Austin 🙏 ❤️

Thanks so much for stopping by! 😊

Stay well everyone!! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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