Captioned Photos # 2 – Happy International Dance Day!

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Captioned Photos # 2 – International Dance Day


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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating fitness and the arts – it’s a process…”


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Captioned Photos # 2

Happy International Dance Day!



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Sheila & Adan in "Pause" video 2
Dancing by the Pool Side
Happy International Dance Day!



In the picture above, Sheila and I are practicing our dance moves 😉 for a couples Zumba video we made at a friends B&B in Vermont.

Partner Musicality .^.^.^^ Poetry from Yoga — ~~ — Making Our First Music Video



Wikipedia, in a nice article on the origins of International Dance Day, describes it thus :

“The goal of the “International Dance Day Message” is to celebrate Dance, to revel in the universality of this art form, to cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together through the common language of Dance.”

Anyone who has paused to enjoy an infant or small child respond to music know this to be true. 😉

Additionally a Google search for International Dance Day has a wealth of interesting links.


More Dance Celebration! – National Dance Week

April 26 – May 5th is also National Dance Week, which based on the dates, looks like someone’s calendar range of motion has extended itself beyond the norm 😉

Their “About” page says :

“It will be through the dedicated work of all dancers that the American public will come to realize that dance can affect all aspects of life, that dance is a true global language and can impact all facets of living! “



Movement styles –

whether in free style dancing responding sheerly to the beat and pulse of the music, or synchronized as in my high school drill team, or rhythmically as in cross-country running, or even in combined structured routines like jazzercise, has always been a major pleasure of mine.

There seems to be a universe of range of movement 😉 even within the quietest breath.


Movement in my Fiction Work

I even try to interject a sense of the need for and enjoyment of movement in my fiction work.

Sometimes it is merely the sense of movement within a character’s emotions.

Other times the character is involved in more traditional movement work, such as in my novel, “The Old American Artist.”

Another novel I’ve written, “Rosetta,” details the struggle to regain movement after a total knee replacement.

In my book, “The Children,” there is of course almost constant movement by the younger children 😉 but also the movement between generations, parents and grandparents, plus cousins and siblings.

And more recently, in “Slumming in Paris, Part One,” I want to, among many things, show the feeling of movement within the City of Light.

Movement, dance, crosses into all areas.

It’s a challenge.  But I like it. 😉


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Happy International Dance Day ya’ll 😉


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Adan at Thompson Park Bridge Vermont

Adan in Stowe, Autumn 2012


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  1. ha. happy international dance day adan….little known secret….i have 6 dance credits on my college transcripts….thats what you get for dating a dancer….and marrying her even tually…so now i will get of here and go dance a bit with her…smiles.


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