Aging Gracefully – My Post-Op’s Gallbladder Lesson: My Core’s Gonna Hurt Even When I Laugh 😂

One of my earlier bio-selfies taken at a great place in Vermont, The Skinny Pancake 🥞
More of my selfies can be seen at - .
One of my earlier bio-selfies taken by my wife at a great place in Vermont called The Skinny Pancake 🥞
More of my selfies can be seen at –


Two day’s post-op, and I can finally chuckle myself with gratitude, even if it hurts, lol!

Though four days in the ER and hospital was at best a trial run at sinking vs Zen Buddhist apprenticeship 😊 I both – learned the truth behind why my core’s called a core AND – that I have much to be grateful for.

Both realizations centered round four days later finally laughing again, and my stomach rumbling a drunken-like dance inside shards of slit tissues – mine!

And I remembered sitting in the ER’s waiting room with my wife, waiting to be called through the double doors to an unknown diagnosis, doubled over in knife-sharp pain, tears streaming from my eyes, and laughing, hurting, saying to my wife, “No wonder it’s so hard to stay smiling when you hurt.”

I didn’t know then, that four days later, after having part of me cut out, laughing I was so glad to eat vegetables again, I’d be thinking almost the same thing — but this time, my core’s little rumble dance would answer me..yes…it’s worth it…. 😊

Some Links and Ideas

There’s lots of books offered on Amazon about gallbladders and this one has 94 reviews with an overall 4+ star rating. I’d recommend using this as a starting point and explore if this is something you might be interested in. The little my wife has found online tells me I definitely need to learn more about my post-op needs 😊

And here’s my post-op self-marketing offering, a little inspiration to get myself moving again – my collection of original sports poems I wrote in the 90’s working art shows with my wife Sheila 💕

excerpt, from “Cross Country” © 1994! 😊

One’s view and nature
grow balanced between the
thud thump heart-feet-beat
of one’s breath….

Thanks everyone! Adan 😊

Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. I had the same surgery four (five?) years ago now but things went a bit wrong and I was ill for a long time. I spent a lot of time laying on my back in bed staring at the ceiling. My meditation and Buddhist training served me in good stead. I was able to control my ‘monkey mind’ and stay focused in the present. I had my moments though! It took eighteen months to recover but I think all of these life lessons build character… or something LOL!


    • So sorry to hear what happened to you, Dorothy! You obviously went through more than character building, it sounds nearly spiritual. So glad you are better! Didn’t know you were versed in Buddhist and meditation studies, I think that’s wonderful! Though universal, those queries have always seemed to me most intensely individual – another of those happy (for me) contradictions 😊

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