October 28, 2021 – Sold! At the Old Bakery and Emporium (across from the State Capital) Austin, Texas – #SRV Statue Photo Capture + 1 Small Painting

Hard for me to believe this is my 1st time featuring my late Feb 2017 shot of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue along Austin’s Hike & Bike Trail, esp considering how many views and comments it’s gotten on Fine Art America and sold at the Old Bakery & Emporium, excepting when the latter was closed for a year and a half of course, lol!

Well, now that’s remedied, lol! Posting my photo of SRV’s statue on my site and the Old Bakery has reopened! We even went to the super nice Veteran’s celebration event there w/the 8 year old (part of a HUGE day with the young’n).

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s of course a legend, esp here in Austin, and I was fortunate to be out searching for images to capture one very early grey-blue late-February morning, and I got very lucky ❤️

My other sale at the bakery I don’t have a picture of. It was painted during my last spree of piling up projects to be worked on able, early last year (2020), and fell victim to, once finished, and moved on to another painting, I’d later assumed I’d taken a photo, lol! The general idea is another woods image, like my aborted-destroyed First Snow when I was 1st learning to use masking fluid, but with deeper colors and a figure in it. Small, at 5×7, I’m glad someone else liked it too, as I thought it was a promising direction, at least before I moved on and forgot about it 😊 It’s still my intention to do a larger version of First Snow with this work’s deeper colors & (very small) figure.

I’m hoping sales will continue to trickle in, and of course “sales” are welcome to also pour in anytime! ☺️

Stay well everyone! Keep a record of your creations. One never knows when, looking back, there were some forgotten ideas worth pursuing again 💕


Here’s some good links and info about the Old Bakery, a historical site —

Old Bakery & Emporium, Lundberg-Maerki Historical Collection, City of Austin page http://austintexas.gov/page/lundberg-bakery
Old Bakery & Emporium, Lundberg-Maerki Historical Collection, City of Austin page http://austintexas.gov/page/lundberg-bakery

The Old Bakery itself has new hours —

Wed-Fri 10-6
Sat 12-5

But their phone # 512-974-1300 has stayed the same 😊

My blog posts featuring or including the Old Bakery & Emporium over several years now –

Stay well everyone! One can do so much more healthy! ❤️


Link to my related Old Bakery blog post above 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Sometimes I “think” I took a pic & sometimes I think it’s not good enough for a pic, and some of those latter end up being liked by folks, which is still a good thing I think 😊 Thanks, Margaret, glad I’m not the only one, lol! 😊

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