Adan’s Art & Photography Shopping Page on Amazon! Supplies, Videos +++ 😊 My Amazon Affiliate Update 11.02.19

Adan’s Art & Photography Amazon Product Page -
Adan’s Art & Photography Amazon Product Page

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in my post introducing my Impressionist Product page on Amazon, I recently applied for and was invited to create an Amazon shopping page with products I would like to recommend!

[ Update note below added 120820 😊 ]
I’ve begun a new series of posts, My Amazon 2020 Holiday Affiliated Recommendations (items my wife and I have bought and like ❤️) —

My General Product Page & My Idea Pages

There’s a general page, which lists both personal & art items I either have bought, or would like to buy, plus, there’s what’s called Idea pages —

This is my 2nd Idea page, and it’s for items I have, or would like to have, to do my Art & Photography 📸 🎨 😊

My Art & Photography page, shown above, besides paints, includes pure marble dust, a tripod, the one inch sensor Cannon compact I use, a Notan design book I recently bought & began, a foam board cutter, and even the mailing tube I really like & have for mailing my 12×18 inch postersall items I own and use.


Sample Product from My Art & Photography Idea Page

The image projector currently listed as the 1st item (because it was the most recently added) is a purchase I’m seriously contemplating, not for copying art from one surface to another (though the reviews say it works great for that), but for projecting altered versions of images I’ve captured of my own work in progress I haven’t had that “moment” yet, that tells me it’s done, to literally see if some contemplated changes are the direction I want to go with it before I call it done.

I’ve some serious image comparisons I’m working up for a painting I really love, but have always felt could be better (typical, right, lol!) I can and have printed out current versions of a work-in-progress, because seeing the flat photo vs the (often) textured work in front of me, lets me slowly contemplate what are basically Notan design principles (like in the book above) that are evidently (still reading) actualized realizations in the work right in front of me – my work!

Being able to see any variation on a screen as I worked on a painting, vs printing & reprinting sample to pin up and toss, would be extremely helpful for me. I’ve only done a few work like that, Austin at Night, a 36×48 gallery wrap oil (private collection), being the most extensive instance. I’d print out color copies and take them to work with me, have them pasted near my computer in my work station, and, in moments, doing other work, my eyes would come across the print out, and see something I felt out of place, not strong enough, not graduated enough, not something. Considering this is the only work I’ve ever been offered – right off – the most to this day I still would have received for any one piece of my work, the experience has stayed with me….

I mention this because some of the products I list in my Idea pages, can and have changed my artistic life. My Cannon camera. My supply of pure Marble Dust (still in its infancy experimentally). Possibly this new projector…

My blog post for what and how the projected (ala printed to study) may work for me is percolating, complicated, over-lapping.

But I’ll give one instance of what would probably be in that post, so’s even I may better understand why I’m thinking this “gadget” (work tool really 😊) could be so helpful for me.

Below are 3 images. All BW. All variations of a work already done, unless I choose to try and apply what I see – though I probably’ ll be better off applying the same idea/principles to a new work. Which one, do you think, is the current work? Why are there 3 variations already? It has to do with shifts in the black point of an image (adjustable via my iPhone XR). And, it has to do with creating a BW variation of the original for my Fine Art America site. I’ve read a straight conversion of even a successful color photo (and this is a painting no less) rarely produces a satisfactory BW. Changes have to happen.

So I created a BW version I like for a BW. Captured the current greyscale of my currently finished work. Adjusted the black point of the color image of my color painting, and printed that BW conversion. It’s very interesting the interactions and the successful and non-successful transfers from color to BW – in terms of what I would most like each style image to feel and look like, both the BW & the color versions.

I guess I’m also giving away not only my immersion into painting as I really get started again, but how even working with the image as an image vexes me! The possibilities are so endless. My only satisfying solution has always been to reach the point where I am undeniably so satisfied I don’t want to change it anymore, neither add to or take away from 😊

So, seeing on screen, or a small printed copy, is one thing.

But to be able to project it several feet wide or tall, on a screen beside me, like a model, that, I think, would be very cool 😎 Ahhhahaha, couldn’t resist inserting my iPad’s emoji suggestion, lol!

But I do really think it would be very cool ☺️

The Thought Bubble Notations Above Many of the Products

There are also small thought-bubbles over the images on the actual page for any item I’m familiar with. I’ve notated those thought bubbles with personal commentary of my experience with each product. Pretty neat! 😊

And, like I like to remind folks of, you can always start a new search of your own, from any one of the posted images, as each is a live link!

Below are some other suggestions of collections of items I’d like to have or do have.

My Amazon Affiliate Search Products

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Adan’s Art & Photography Supplies, Materials, Books & Videos
Plus, These Items Below 😊
You can also begin a new search from any image below


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Thanks everyone!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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