Aging Through Covid-19, May 27, 2020 – Personal Transitions During Stay-at-Home Distancing

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Little Steps Poster ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Personal Transitions During Stay-at-Home Distancing
No BIG in the typical sense of what I tend to think “big” life change/transitions are, but with no blog post for 5 or 6 days, I gave up figuring out the exact # of days, lol, I felt compelled to say a little something.

I’ve lost the sequence of when most of the things happened, which may also explain the jumble of time that got away from me, or really, I was immersed in. Again, no “big” things, just a lot of things 😊

Most memorable is going over to the youngest girls’ house to see her and the 7 year old and getting caught in the strongest storm we’ve had a few years! Hail, whipping winds, tons of rain! Sheila & I kept waiting for the rain to let up so we could go back home, but the 7 year old finally convinced us to stay the night 😴 It was nice. A little break. Max slept with his mom and Sheila and I took over the upstairs, or as our youngest girl called it, “kinda like your own apartment” ❤️

We’re also in the process of cutting the cord with our cable company. Wanted to do it last year, but when we moved to our current location, Google Fiber wasn’t yet available, so we signed up for the only service with internet and TV. Contract expires this week and we’ve been installing the now available Google Fiber box and connections (easier than I feared, so far), and ordering “new stuff” for the transition. The cost savings from not having the typical TV package will pay for all the new stuff + a little left over in less than a year!

We started with (courtesy of great pricing from Amazon), a new huge-for-us 55 inch smart TV with Fire TV built in. Nice! Except it arrived with a puncture in the very thick very heavy box!

Unfortunately there was no way to know if the TV itself had been damaged until we carefully tugging and pulling took it out and plugged it in. It was kinda funny, the screen had this really neat abstract pattern like a bullet hole in a picture window playing out in a spider web pattern out. Yeah. Broke.

Amazon took care of the return without a hitch.

We decided then, not to get a new TV but to go ahead and get the DVR recorder we’d been wanting, when and if we ever really cut the cord, an Amazon Recast DVR. We added a HD antenna to attach to it to stream live shows, and, let the Recast record any shows we wanted via it’s menu. Those arrived day before yesterday and yesterday itself was spent configuring and setting up both. Picture quality is amazing!

Meanwhile I was struggling to also paint and walk.

I did, I thought, finish a small 5×7 way back I think on Sunday. A really lovely little landscape I’ve since struggled each day with, 1) working in both some pinkish light among the dominant blue and white scene, and 2) some kind of figure or “something” in the wider open middle area, and finally 3) found it almost impossible to photograph! I tried both my iPhone and my Canon compact (as suggested by blogger Be Kitschig) every day, in differing light; tweaked the images over and over in both the iPhone’s native editing and in Affinity Photo. An upcoming post I’m doing for it will talk a little more about that. But I think I’ve done all I can both on the painting and capturing it digitally.

I’m ready to start a new picture 😊

Tomorrow a new smaller 43 inch replacement TV should arrive & I’ll begin the process of configuring & setting it up. The oldest TV, in the living room, will go into my art room for me to see my source image for painting! ‘Course I’ll need to reconfigure it too, plus reconfigure the room to fit it, lol! But what a nice problem to have!

So the last last, and more days coming, have been a real challenge for my nearly 70 year old body (and maybe my mind too 😂), but this must certainly be a silver lining in our self-imposed stay-at-home routine ❤️

Stay well everyone! I hope you find joys where you are 💕



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Oh, you are not alone in not knowing what day it is, or even what month it is! LOL! Congratulations on the new TV! We cut the cord from cable years ago and never miss it, thank goodness for Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime, and we get local channels with an antennae!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We just set up our antenna & got a neat PBS mystery, Frankie Drake Mysteries, love it! 😊 We’re already beginning to really like the cord cut! Make suggestions anytime, and have fun u 2!! 💕


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