January 02, 2021 – Synchronicity or Deja Vu? Recurrence of my Yoga-to-Aha Moments Blogged a Decade Ago!

Detail of my painting from my photo, Monet’s Garden, watercolor on paper ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Detail of my painting from my photo, Monet’s Garden, watercolor on paper ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Yesterday, New Years Day 2021 – yay! – I posted the full image of the detail shot above, saying my little watercolor of my 2001 photo of Monet’s garden outside Paris was a marker of sorts, and it is, in many ways.

It’s been a two decades since Sheila and I made our first trip to Paris, taking a day trip to
Giverny to see Monet’s home and gardens.

A decade ago I launched this website / blog post under my main interest at the time, and named it via a suggestion from my wife – Yoga Adan. I hated changing the name to my full name a few years later, but I felt it would be misleading to keep the name, since my focus wasn’t fully yoga – though the ancient discipline does permeate so much of what I do and feel 😊

One of my most important-to-me series of posts was Yoga-to-Dance aha! Moments!

I marveled how consistently, now that I was back then reincorporating yoga into my life in the 60s for the first time since my 20s, and was also continuing with my wife with Jazzercise, thus combining music and movement and yoga (separately, I thought 😏) – that I was having epiphanies of sorts!

“Aha moments!”

Deja vu!

About a lot of things! Mainly to do with fitness, often to do with fitness and yoga, almost always incorporating something about the yogic philosophy of life being inevitably intertwined and connected.

After while, I just took it for granted.

Then mostly forgot about it.

But it’s crept back up on me, slowly, so slowly I didn’t perceive it til yesterday, when Sheila and I did a New Year’s SilverSneakers, our regular Friday aerobics-strength-stability class (ending with some yogic-stretch-relaxation time). And then it hit me very powerfully, in – I believe – a very good way ❤️

I remembered my posts about my yoga to dance moments as we dance-stepped to SilverSneaker versions hits of the 60s and 70s.

I remembered because I thought of my ongoing internal conversation of how to develop my figure drawings and paintings more. As I was moving. Listening to the music. Feeling the rhythm of my mind and body mesh. A decade after I’d felt the same way writing posts about fitness and yoga in 2011.

Two decades after visiting Monet’s garden outside Paris. And doing my one art shoe in New York in 2001.

Three decades (1991) after Sheila and I began writing our one page poems about family and sports and occupations during art and crafts shows – to the tune of about 1000 writings we eventually sold more of than my art!

Four decades – 1981 – after Sheila and I got married and joined our family of three kids 💕

Coincidence? I doubt it, lol!

And I thought, moving the music, thinking, daydreaming – really – of my figure work in watercolors as I moved, I could develop – try to develop – figure work to go with some of my writings – like mom, and nurse, and (my wife’s best writing), My Sister My Friend. Even for some of my other writings, like baseball.

Even, I thought, yoga.

So yes. A synergy of sorts. Even more, a moving meditation.

And yes. There is a plan in our lives it seems. Even if it’s just a sketch. Just enough to let us color in the details and feelings ☺️

Take care everyone! Let’s survive this pandemic, and then thrive like folks did when they survived the world wars. Because this one didn’t carry a flag. It only carried bodies out the door.

We can learn from this. We must learn from this.

There’s no truce signed with Mother Nature.

She issues warnings. Sometimes 😊

I pray we listen ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. I don’t think I realized how much you were into yoga?! I never really got into it, but I can see how the flow of yoga could interact with art and overall health and mindfulness, it really is all about balance! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balance is so important, and in our face as Libras, lol! Unfortunately I’ve often forgotten how much I really am into yoga, in the sense of mindfulness and interconnectedness; but we try 😊 I think we all really do though – try to realize the connections of our interests in our lives. My post today (Sunday 01.03.21) dwells on this as my wife and I went on a walk with the grandchild ❤️


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