January 01.11.21 Austin The Day After the Snow – and – a New Personal Walking Steps Record!

Austin Texas near the river January 11, 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Austin Texas near the river January 11, 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Yesterday Austin broke the record for both amount of rain (am) and amount of snow (pm) in one day. Today, as per my (for now) secret location shot near downtown Austin near lunchtime, Austin is back to its winter grey-green self, minus a lot of traffic that stayed home, lol!

Plus – as mentioned in yesterday’s post (along w/neat snow image) I was determined (kinda anyways 😊) to tie my record number of consecutive number of days walking 7500+ steps – and I tied my record, from June 04, 2019, when I began to have pains that led to surgeries and such through early September that year.

Today – I am equally determined, if the angels continue to smile on me, to set a new 7500+ daily steps record ❤️

Matter of fact, my tracker says I’m 20 steps shy at 4:37pm cst.

So – excuse the short pause….

NOW – actually, I got delayed, talking with Sheila – but NOW, 4:45pm cst, at 7535 steps, I have a new personal world record! My 1st in over a year and half of working my way back by walking! 😊

7500+ steps per day record January 11, 2021 - Felipe Adan Lerma
7500+ steps per day record January 11, 2021 – Felipe Adan Lerma

For links about my surgeries, my step tracker, and about the snow day here in Austin, just pop back to my post from yesterday. Me? Well, I think I’m gonna have me one of those dark chocolate caramel sea salt squares I like getting at HEB ☺️

Then go paint a little more 👩‍🎨 🎨 😊


Take care everyone! Stay healthy!

Stay creative! (ps – I’ve been working on more Monet garden variations & will soon post on two new watercolor sketches and one gouache 💕


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    • Good for you, Tiffany! Didn’t know you were walking to walk also, nice! And I gotta tell you, most of my
      “consistency” is just plain habit built up over the last two years. Seems it took me forever, over year and a half actually, to regain where I was June 04, 2019 when the pain from what turned out to be an infect gall bladder took me out of my routine, lol! But you’re young, you’ll be so glad later on you’ve built into yourself such a simple yet effective way to be healthy and fit! ❤️


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