June 04, 2021 – Some Days Are a Bust, Some Days Something Just Busts, Today was the Latter, Today was a Good Day

Broken fitness tracker (for now) 06.04.21
Broken fitness tracker (for now) 06.04.21

My fitness tracker’s strap broke off 1st thing this morning, well, right after I noticed it wouldn’t come on, at all. I think I forgot to recharge it last night. Kinda a bummer ’cause I’d been on my best continuous step count and intensity minutes totals since before my operations right at two years ago!

But I got to thinking – maybe this was fate’s way of letting me know that yeah, it’s ok, good even, to keep count – but – I kinda got this down now. How to pace, daily. How to add up generous minutes of exertion gently, throughout the day. How to discipline myself from habit and self worth to put in the time, my time, into the quality of my own life. That wouldn’t be too bad I thought, putting aside my tracker and setting my day’s schedule in place in my mind –

Wish my son a happy birthday ❤️

Deliver my paperwork to the Old Bakery & Emporium, plus speak w/the new director re printing out my whole Volleyball series into mini posters for the shop

Discover and confirm a new better route from our new apt home to the Bakery & back

Swing by Great Harvest Bread on Bee Caves Rd for a super yummy fresh baked wheat w/pumpkin and sunflower seeds bread

Pick up some Cote de Rhome wines at Trader Joe’s on the final leg back home

Have a fantastic sandwich lunch with the new bread & other goodies

Work on my business accounting

Do a seniors dance stretch sequence via a lady Sheila found on PBS

Walk with Sheila down then back up the hill our apt’s on

Talk w/the nearby Y ’bout starting up classes there

Hang a few pieces of art in the living room

Work a bit more on my business accounting

Have an orange and banana snack

Go alone for a walk –

A long walk along the rain swollen little creek now a river with rapids in the greenbelt down the hill

Sit with Sheila on our balcony and witness, absorb really, the greenery round us deepen and darken with the approach of night

Decide, finally, this would be the topic for my post tonight 😊

Yes, I missed my tracker, checking my wrist periodically as I hiked alternate walking paths down our nearer section of Barton Springs. But I missed it out of habit, not need. It’s already taught me what I really needed to know, to once again feel confident venturing out consistently. Exercising, consistently. I’d been there before and for a long time. But eight holes in my abdomen, like the surgeons told me, would take time to heal. And things I took for normal for so long, might not be so normal after. My esophagus is straighter, so I taste everything more clearly, needing less the big gulps to get taste stunted ever so slightly be the sting of trapped acidity. My body’s muscularity had to literally rebalance itself. My gall bladder is now gone, with the weight I’d spent a lifetime adjusted to having as part of my balance. Not a big loss, but a change, esp at my age. Maybe any age.

So I’m grateful, on my son’s 50th birthday, I’m here to see him continuing to be and become the loving brilliant person he 1st seemed as a child, and has almost everyday since ♥️

Yes, today was a good day 💕

Stay well everyone!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Ahhhaha, “motivation” – that’s so true for all of us I think, lol! My phone’s tracking some of my steps but I don’t carry it everywhere; oh well, got plenty needing doing right now any way, but let us know how u end up using / liking yours, be an interesting post I bet! 😊


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