Fitness Fun : Precaution, Planning, and Commitment



Our fifth grandchild, first grandson (Max), from our youngest girl, finally arrived after nearly 48 hours of labor, and all are doing fine. We are blessed ❤️


I had originally planned one of my extended style articles with recaps and reviews of fitness material my wife Sheila and I have learned, plus the application of those ideas to our own recent ongoing recovery from illness, reduced and lack of rounded activity, and some of the mental and emotional challenges we faced within ourselves,

What I will do though is present the same material in short posts like this, hopefully two or more times a week.

Other projects I need to also maintain, is my follow up fiction work to “The Children”, find some suitable parttime work here in Austin since it’s fairly comparable to living in Paris, and try to continue to improve my health.


Precautions for both my wife and myself included :

  • 1

Increasing our protein intake while balancing out acidic levels with lots of veggies

  • 2

Not expecting an immediate return to our fitness levels the end of Oct when we left Vermont, and letting our bodies feel our compassion for the frustrations of starting over.

  • 3

It was important for each of us to remember to let muscle memory do its magic, coaxing the muscle fibers (and thus the fascia) and sensory sensations to remind us of the lusciousness of movement.

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In other words, that exercise and its benefits could be fun again 😉

Taking fitness training from AFAA and SilverSneakers training, and using Stronger Seniors and Denise Austin DVDs, that we’re using, I’ll be doing posts along this line too.

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This tricky for us, with extremely variable schedules at times, a new grand baby, and other creatives commitments and desires. Did I mention eating, good TV, and an occasional movie? 😉

So, the “trick” in tricky is having a plan and being flexible with it.

Coming back from (for me, not Sheila) from an 11 pound weight gain in 2 2/1 months, walking being our dominant aerobic, and stiff from such vastly reduced physical activity, definitely required a plan.

And number one for any plan for us is, do we enjoy doing it? Even better, is it fun?

My contention is, when I see someone struggling with a routine, yet continuing to master it to his or her personal capacity, I can’t help but feel that, at some deep level, that struggle with that routine, is fun and very rewarding at one or more levels.

And that enjoyment allows a person, it does us, a fighting laughing struggling enjoyable chance to continue.



Staying with an endeavor requires a return. It can be altruistic, selfish, and if you’re any bit like me, probably a blend of all that and more.

One of the hardest hurdles I found to overcome, was simply saying I needed time for myself to do this.

At 62, I can at least legitimately claim that if I don’t exercise, and nobody seems to much care, more than in passing, what exercise I choose to do, I will suffer significant quality of life.

And I have less of that now, time, statistically, than half my life ago. Just a perk of aging gracefully, I think. ;-). So I usually don’t get much argument there. 😉

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Thanks so much everyone!

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