Aging Gracefully – During Covid-19 – Coping with Changes: Masks, Fitness, Entertainment

Acorn TV on Amazon
Acorn TV on Amazon


Just a quick recap of things going on in our lives here in Austin as Sheila and I continue to adjust, adapt, and age through the changes created & necessitated by Covid-19.

Our mayor, along with both many Republican and Democrat mayors here in Texas, joined to, well, enjoin our governor to allow them individual authority to require needed measures to curtail the exploding number of not only covid cases, but more importantly, the number of hospital admissions and ICU beds being used.

Mayor Adler has a great Facebook page with tons of ongoing Austin Covid related info.


Part of most of the big city mayors’ concern has been the lack of ability to enforce universal mask wearing inside stores, and like in today’s case for Sheila and myself, fitness centers and gyms.

Today (Friday) we went to our 1st in-person SilverSneakers yoga class at Gold’s Gym in about 3 months! Reminds me of going back to class there after one of my surgeries last summer!

Social distancing was “very” good, with class (usually 35-50 seniors) limited to 15! With distances between participants marked out to about 15’ spacing, nice!

But, masks, though recommended, were not required. Now with the Texas mayors’ new authority, starting next week (Tuesday I think), everyone in Austin inside gyms and grocery stores etc will be required to wear them.


Well. I’ve tried 3 times over the last hour to do this one last section, once via Safari, and now via FireFox, and all my saves, will not save. I’m tired. It’s nearly 11. I’ll have to let this go, really need my rest. No idea what’s going on with WordPress and/or my iPad tonight, lol!

Bottomline, we cut the cord recently, and are enjoying lot’s of great mysteries via Acorn TV on our new Fire TV, including Brokenwood mysteries, pictured top of the post with other Acorn TV choices. Wish I could provide you more links, but they just won’t save. Very weird.

Hope to have some running reviews of these shows we’ve begun watching soon 😊

Gonna let this go & see if it’ll even publish tonight

Goodnight everyone! Stay well ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Glad to hear that facemasks are being required there too, I really don’t understand anyone refusing to wear them, better safe than sorry! And, I can speak from experience, a breathing ventillator is WAY more uncomfortable! I am not familiar with Acorn, but I will check it out! We have been getting by with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and the few channels we pick up free with the antenna. I hope all your technical issues were just temporary!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! Those tech glitches are beyond yukky, lol! We used Hulu last year & been wanting to try Acorn for a long time cause of so many shows we’d pick up episode by episode each week; now we have anytime access to literally years to decades of these series! For $5.99 or so a month, a bargain for us 😊 We pay for it via Prime so it’s all taken care of from one acct. Lot of mystery shows with the recent ones nicely heavy with female leads. Always find it interesting the differing slant on things ☺️


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