Aging Gracefully – During Covid-19 – SilverSneakers Stability Class at Gold’s Gym Austin

Runners cresting the hill © Felipe Adan Lerma -
Runners cresting the hill © Felipe Adan Lerma


1st Live Stability Class Since March! 🤸‍♀️
Well, ok, we didn’t do any handstands, lol!

But Sheila and I did go to our first stability class since at least early March, if not late February, on Monday morning!

Class length was 30 minutes to allow time for sanitizing chairs etc before the next class, and I actually like the slightly shorter format, matched what SilverSneakers offers in live and recorded classes via their Facebook page – shorter class lets me recover quicker and be able to do more days of routines! 😊

The instructor for this class hasn’t changed from the spring. Curt is a big very strong guy who also is a trainer at the gym. He offered to become certified by SilverSneakers, learn more about senior health and fitness, and, being almost a senior himself, has a great comprehension of fitness challenges during the aging (gracefully hopefully ❤️) process.

I asked him after class if at next week’s class I can take his picture and use it on a followup post here on my site & he’s ok with it! Yay! So hopefully next week I’ll be able to show you how this guy balances etc!

As per my previous Aging Gracefully post, last Friday Sheila and I went to our very first live class at all, a SilverSneakers yoga class with Chelsea, and it’s really great to see Gold’s Gym continue with a wide variety of classes for seniors! Like this coming Thursday, we’ll try another new SilverSneakers instructor for what’s called SilverSneakers Classic (variety of exercises vs a focus on one area). It’s good to have more choices, and it’ll be good that masks’ll be required for everyone starting this week – at least until the 7 day moving average of hospitalizations here in Austin recedes and stabilizes again (more details on this also in June 19th Covid post).

Til then, take care everyone! Stay active as reasonable, happy as needed! 😊


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] mysteries on Acorn TV, a tiny ‘mount of time social distancing with the youngest grandchild, renewed SilverSneakers fitness classes at Gold’s Gym (eventually a new post re our creative use of bandannas for face mask for easier breathing during […]

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    • Yes! Keeps us moving for sure! We’re glad the mayor’s being allowed (via the governor) to make the mandatory mask etc rules. Austin was in the single digits for our 7 day moving average of hospitalizations a few weeks ago, went to 20, the alarm to go to Stage 4, week+ or so ago, tonight – 40. Houston’s (I read) is having to admit adults into the Children’s hospital for lack of hospital beds! We’ll stay alert! Stay well, Tiffany ❤️

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    • Thank you so much, China! We making it, trying to stay active but still vigilant; cases are spiking terribly here in Texas, but don’t eat out, do the bars, etc. Didn’t much of the former and hardly any of the latter for many years now anyway, lol, but would nice to walk the Wildflower Center and travel a bit. It’ll come. A virus is a virus and a cure or treatment will be found, just need to stay healthy getting there ❤️ Stay well, China! ❤️


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