February 16, 2021 – Austin Winter Storm, A Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities (Austin) Winter Storm February 2021 via Terri Gruca @TerriG_KVUE https://www.facebook.com/1663286112/posts/10222624862684595/
Tale of Two Cities (Austin) Winter Storm February 2021 via Terri Gruca @TerriG_KVUE
Saw this on FaceBook via artist, Kay Hughes

I did capture some nice pics today, but nearing 48 hours later tonight without power, way over 50 hours by morning, then seeing this pic above after braving Austin drivers (more than 1/2 doz, true) speeding past us on ice crusted roads a 50-60 mph just to get food from our apt for us and the folks who’ve graciously housed us, well, the disparate handling is just too much.

Info is coming out about ignored warnings within our Texas statewide energy agency’s possible mis-use of power margins (I don’t know the details) and warnings of energy crunches, expected during one of our seemingly unending hot summers – but happening now!

The local news calls it the beginning of “a lot of finger pointing.”

Fortunately our governor is now wanting an investigation, plus asked for an emergency declaration from our new president, which I believe was an easy yes for Joe.

Meanwhile, in the picture above, in re to the question of who has power, one might also ask, who has money?

In yesterday’s post I showed the rare single digit low that morning here in Austin; this morning this —

Austin Winter Storm Low Tuesday February 16, 2021
Austin Winter Storm Low Tuesday February 16, 2021

Brrrrr! Yes indeed!

Take care everyone! Wanting to stay warm and safe!


ps – tomorrow I’ll try and post the “nice” pics from today’s found-moments, those that made today almost as much a positive as the yuk stuff above, lol 😊

ps ps – below is a partial of a long and detailed thread as to the causes of our energy failure here in Texas; lot of surprising information on my end; important stuff to know about in relation to our whole energy future in the US and beyond —

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] about why we in Texas are in this mess, while so much of the rest of our country isn’t.The revelations, though not surprising given the priorities of the last few decades, are not good.But for now, some images of sorta what Austin once was […]

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    • We’re tryin’ 😊 but just lost water pressure. Sporadic folks in Austin getting power, but the ice storm last night and (probably) again tonight is taking a hit on power lines. The length of the crisis is affecting water pressure now, but we’ll hang in there; hope ya’ll doing ok in your area 🙏


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