Saturday Morning Yoga – FREE at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga DaySaturday Morning Yoga –


at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center


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“Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day (Paris Shorts)”

Grandma and Grandpa take their six grandchildren (ages 9-18) to yoga class, in Paris.

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Personal Review :

“I really enjoyed it, a really sweet story and I was there with the family the entire time, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.” – Emmanuelle Lambert, Yoga Instructor, Belgium, London, Paris.


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Saturday Morning Yoga –

Free at the

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center


December 8, 2014

Category – Yoga, Fitness


Variation on a Twist

Like Wednesday evening’s yoga class at the MACC, Saturday morning”s yoga class was well-rounded, well paced, and free.

Melissa Martinez, a different instructor from Wednesday night, also provided useful alignment and breathing cues.

The mix of vinyasa flow and yin like held poses were similar to the week’s earlier class, but more than varied enough for variety.

In addition, this particular class also had a majority of male class participants.

As with before, English was provided as needed, but some students expressed they were studying Spanish, and worked conscientiously to express themselves to the instructor in Spanish.

The MACC, in addition to providing viewing opportunities for art exhibits and Spanish language movies, gives the Austin community at large a chance for both improving one’s language skills, and one’s fitness.

That’s a nice combination.

MACC classes.

Who’s Welcome at MACC

Everyone! Of course 🙂

Finding Gratitude, Sheila
Finding Gratitude, Sheila – The Breath Expanding Into the Soul

As most fitness classes I’ve attended here in Austin, the majority of attendees are in their 20s and 30s. Last night’s yoga class did have a few folk with a couple more years under their belt 🙂 and of course, me, at 64!

And, as with the Cantinflas Mexican movies my wife, Sheila, and I have attended at the MACC, folk of all cultures are welcome and present.

Contact information for class for adults and or youth is : (512) 974-3785 .


What about Boot Camp?

For me, there’s not needing to choose between yoga and other forms of fitness classes, even those of the intensity of boot camps.

I enjoy and feel the value of every boot camp class I’ve done so far, like those through FnGo, and feel they balance what yoga offers.

I’ll have another post soon about my boot camp class experiences.

A sample post about them is :

The Writer’s Life – 101014 : My First Boot Camp Since 1974! (USAF)


Book Reviews

As always, if you have read a book of mine, honest reviews are an indie author’s best friend. 🙂

I’ve received three very thoughtful 4 Star reviews so far for “One Night in the Hill Country” and I’m very grateful for the insight and encouragement they provide, thank you!




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