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New release from author Ritter Ames, whose Bodies of Art mystery series of books I like so much 🙂


Ritter Ames--USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Bodies of Art Mysteries & Organized Mysteries

In the last few weeks, I’ve been polishing and adding new content to Organized for Masked Motives, which first appeared in the Halloween Anthology, Midnight Mysteries. The anthology was only available in fall 2016 & 2017 and is now completely off-sale, never to return again in that format. It was fun getting this title ready as an individual release because I could lengthen it a bit and give it the kind of extra content always included in the rest of my Organized Mysteries series–something I couldn’t do with the anthology.

This time, Kate & Meg are up to their costumed necks in trouble on Halloween, when they find ghosts, ghouls and witches are not the only ones to beware of on fright night. But our dynamic organizing duo are on the case, as they multitask their normal mix of mom chores and business scores, all with volunteering at a school carnival…

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This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on lucinda E Clarke:
Now I hope I’m not too spammy on my blogs, aiming to entertain rather than scream ‘buy my books, buy my books’. But usually on the first Monday of the month I write about…

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Book Review – Lost Girl by Anne Francis Scott

Excerpt, “Lost Girl captures perfectly the sense of eeriness of a big old and deserted house stuck out in the backwoods of nowhere…” – sounds very tempting 🙂 –

Excellent review of the book & the author!

#paranormal #mystery

rudders' writing


Anne Francis Scott is a Readers’ Favorite award finalist author in paranormal fiction. She has a fascination for haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, and ghostly mysteries with a twist–passions that fuel her writing, giving her the chance to take readers to an otherworldly place and leave them there for a while. She hopes that journey is a good one…

To read more about why Anne travels down the haunted trail, see link below: 


At the bottom of that page, you’ll find the recording of her interview with Real Paranormal Activity – The Podcast, where she talks (okay, maybe rambles a little) about some of her personal paranormal experiences.

For news on upcoming releases, cover reveals, and more:
Subscribe to Anne’s newsletter: newsletter.annefrancisscott.com

You can reach out to Anne with any questions or comments here:



Lost Girl


A chillingly atmospheric story brimming with a sense of unease and tension. 


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New Release: “The Yiddish Gangsters Daughter” by Joan Lipinsky Cochran

Excerpt, “A gripping family drama in which a daughter has to confront the mystery of her father’s criminal past. Gritty and realistic and hard to put down.”

Good review, good sounding book 🙂


The Yiddish Gangster's Daughter (A Becks Ruchinsky Mystery Book 1) by [Lipinsky Cochran, Joan] Daughter was just released on and print.

A woman’s life is endangered when she learns her father was a member of the .

Since separating from her philandering husband, Boca Raton writer Becks Ruchinsky has struggled to build a closer relationship with her quirky and contentious father, Tootsie, who lives in a retirement home. One evening, as she and her father are relaxing on the home’s front porch, an elderly woman accuses Tootsie of having murdered her husband fifty years earlier.

Tootsie admits to ratting on the man, who’d cheated their Jewish syndicate boss out of thousands of dollars, but denies killing the widow’s husband. He also admits to having friends in the Jewish mafia and shares stories about his experiences. But the more time she spends with her father, the more convinced Becks becomes that Tootsie is lying…

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One Heart

Short, simple, beautiful 🙂

Via author Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett

sad girlOne Heart

Regina Puckett


We dance without touching

We hold on without clutching

We twirl around without moving

We say yes without approving

You and I are two worlds apart

Two bodies but only one heart

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Your Own Uniqueness

Your Own Uniqueness, by prolific writer Regina Puckett – a short wonderful poem 🙂

Regina Puckett

49212313 - small cat with big angry male lion shadowYour Own Uniqueness

Regina Puckett


Do you ever try to be someone other than you

Twisting yourself inside out to be someone new

Until one day you look at yourself in the mirror

All you see is a confused imposter and a bad error

So what do you do now with this confused mess

It’s time to figure out who you are and confess

That you were just fine with who you were before

So discover you and let your own uniqueness roar

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Oh, simple thing…

Ahhh, Paris – always the one 🙂

Great street photography via Tom Plevnik

Tom Plevnik photography

…where have you gone?

DSC_0031-01 Le Saint André

DSC_0038-01 Sacha Finkelsztajn – La Boutique Jaune

DSC_0057-01 Rue Vieille du Temple

DSC_0068-01 Les Deux Magots

DSC_0101-01 Rue Cardinale

DSC_0213-01 Jardin du Palais Royal

DSC_0243-01 Rue des 2 Boules

DSC_0255-01 Rue Saint-Bon

DSC_3453-01 – kopija Rue Saint-Blaise

DSC_3548-02 Boulevard de Grenelle

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Find Something

Wonderful poem & thoughts from author Regina Puckett 🙂

Regina Puckett

Find Something

Regina Puckett


I came into the world – weary

Often downhearted and teary

I waited with such anticipation

Expecting something from creation

But each day creation waited for me

It wanted more than for me to just – be

It actually expected me to mark my place

It wanted me to put a smile on my face

To paint in bold strokes and a glad heart

To offer a helping hand and take part

And on those l days when I’m tired

Find something to keep me inspired

30087286 - senior man playing air guitar in the park

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Book Review – Life of Choice: Parts 1 – 5

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Originally posted on rudders' writing:
A Life of Choice by Tom Benson is a five-part series about a young recruit to the Royal Corps of Signals of the British Army. In a bit of a departure from my usual blog format, the…

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Re-branding Instagram account

Rebooting this not just cause of the great street photography shots from Tom Plevnik, but also because he’s pondering some adjustments in regard to his various media presences – hope that’s the right word 🙂 . Well worth a look into his newest #BWPhotography, plus maybe you’ll have some insight to offer him – all the best everyone! 🙂


Tom Plevnik photography

What does one do when they decide to focus more on a specific genre and less on what they’ve built their feed and following on? Do you keep your previous posts public so new followers get a sense of where you come from, or do you demolish your feed with proverbial dynamite and start all over? Do you ditch your old account entirely and create another one, starting the process of gaining followers all over again? Or do you try to juggle multiple accounts, all displaying a different side of your work?

Btw… 48 days till Warszawa

DSC_0124-01 Cour du Commerce Saint André

DSC_0195-01 Pont Louis Philippe

DSC_0352-01-01 Rue Frédéric Sauton

DSC_0379-01-01 Rue de la Colombe

DSC_0400-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0404-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0418-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0426-01-01 Place Dauphine

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