Dateline Austin: Goodbye Fall, We Hardly Knew Ya, But It Was Still Nice :)

Autumn Austin Along Lady Bird Lake, Vertical version ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Autumn Austin Along Lady Bird Lake
Vertical Version
©Felipe Adan Lerm

Fall colors, or just a plain old Autumn, never last long in Austin anyway, but the moments that appear are a welcome sight. Some are specially created spots right in downtown (see below) while others, like above, are remnants of preserved beauty from Austin’s origins.

There’s of course more, but it’s two weeks before the end of 2018 and I want to finish with a series of sunrise images from Vermont. I’ll be posting those to my Fine Art America page and do one or two posts here along the way 🙂

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Butterflies, Children’s Books, Plus Our Youngest Daughter – Creativity is a Weave of Many Threads

SkyDancerBook, a children’s illustrated book about the Monarch butterfly migrations by Tania DeGregorio on

SkyDancer, Adventures of a Monarch Butterfly ©Tania DeGregorio
Pictured – Max DeGregorio, with a real butterfly, in Costa Rica 🙂

When a creative project is nurtured by one of one’s children, involves one of one’s grandchildren, and incorporates one or more of one’s own artistic endeavors of choice, in my case art and story, the intermingling of what to say with how to say it becomes as fluttery as the subject matter in our youngest girl’s first solo artistic project – butterflies.

Specifically, a baby butterfly who’s lost it’s mother and enters its first migration south on a quest to find her.

Plus, the solid quality book is pretty to look at and hold.

Yes, story and art (smiles).

On Amazon no less!
PRIME shipping available!

You can catch up with Tania’s newest book events and news on her website at – 🙂

Plus read her customers’ reviews of her new book at – 

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Spotted Treasure – My New Butterfly Photo at Fine Art America

Spotted Treasure, an action or an object?

Check out the full res sample at Fine Art America, follow the links to my Butterfly / Birds Collection of images –

Adan’s Bird Butterfly & Critters image collection at Fine Art America

And discover more of my photography and art from Costa Rica to Paris, Texas to Vermont (smiles)….

Adan’s chronological posted images of photography and art at Fine Art America.

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Paris – Variations of the Endurance of Beauty and Art In Our Lives

I’ve found that some moments I’ve caught with my camera will often begin telling me, like a model turning and showing how light highlights its beauty – “Look at me! I am beautiful, I am enticing, I endure! What can you do that will enhance the light!”

Paris, I feel, like the best parts in all of us, reminds us of the way…. (smiles)




For more of my Paris images and gift ideas in higher resolution, please visit my Paris Collection at Fine Art America – .


And for more of my Black & White Photography, also in higher res, please browse and shop my collection at – .



There are many ways to discover beauty in our world, and Paris is one of those places people have proven that art in all its forms of living will always show and endure. 

My next series of image on Fine Art America are more recent than our trip to Paris in 2012, and feature the just-fading images of autumn in Austin Texas. It’s not Vermont, lol! But better than usual I think this year. I hope you’ll take a look 🙂


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U.S. Veterans Art Show – Last Day at Austin Art Space

The exhibition will be at the Austin Art Space Gallery, 7739 Northcross Dr., Suite Q, Austin, TX 78757. Attendance is free. Art Space Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturdays, 11-5 p.m.  Last exhibit date is December 01, 2018.

For more information about the show, please contact

Art work above is by Felipe Adan Lerma

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What’s New Wednesday?

New release from author Ritter Ames, whose Bodies of Art mystery series of books I like so much 🙂


Ritter Ames--USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Bodies of Art Mysteries & Organized Mysteries

In the last few weeks, I’ve been polishing and adding new content to Organized for Masked Motives, which first appeared in the Halloween Anthology, Midnight Mysteries. The anthology was only available in fall 2016 & 2017 and is now completely off-sale, never to return again in that format. It was fun getting this title ready as an individual release because I could lengthen it a bit and give it the kind of extra content always included in the rest of my Organized Mysteries series–something I couldn’t do with the anthology.

This time, Kate & Meg are up to their costumed necks in trouble on Halloween, when they find ghosts, ghouls and witches are not the only ones to beware of on fright night. But our dynamic organizing duo are on the case, as they multitask their normal mix of mom chores and business scores, all with volunteering at a school carnival…

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This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on lucinda E Clarke:
Now I hope I’m not too spammy on my blogs, aiming to entertain rather than scream ‘buy my books, buy my books’. But usually on the first Monday of the month I write about…

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Book Review – Lost Girl by Anne Francis Scott

Excerpt, “Lost Girl captures perfectly the sense of eeriness of a big old and deserted house stuck out in the backwoods of nowhere…” – sounds very tempting 🙂 –

Excellent review of the book & the author!

#paranormal #mystery

rudders' writing


Anne Francis Scott is a Readers’ Favorite award finalist author in paranormal fiction. She has a fascination for haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, and ghostly mysteries with a twist–passions that fuel her writing, giving her the chance to take readers to an otherworldly place and leave them there for a while. She hopes that journey is a good one…

To read more about why Anne travels down the haunted trail, see link below:

At the bottom of that page, you’ll find the recording of her interview with Real Paranormal Activity – The Podcast, where she talks (okay, maybe rambles a little) about some of her personal paranormal experiences.

For news on upcoming releases, cover reveals, and more:
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You can reach out to Anne with any questions or comments here:


Lost Girl


A chillingly atmospheric story brimming with a sense of unease and tension. 


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New Release: “The Yiddish Gangsters Daughter” by Joan Lipinsky Cochran

Excerpt, “A gripping family drama in which a daughter has to confront the mystery of her father’s criminal past. Gritty and realistic and hard to put down.”

Good review, good sounding book 🙂


The Yiddish Gangster's Daughter (A Becks Ruchinsky Mystery Book 1) by [Lipinsky Cochran, Joan] Daughter was just released on and print.

A woman’s life is endangered when she learns her father was a member of the .

Since separating from her philandering husband, Boca Raton writer Becks Ruchinsky has struggled to build a closer relationship with her quirky and contentious father, Tootsie, who lives in a retirement home. One evening, as she and her father are relaxing on the home’s front porch, an elderly woman accuses Tootsie of having murdered her husband fifty years earlier.

Tootsie admits to ratting on the man, who’d cheated their Jewish syndicate boss out of thousands of dollars, but denies killing the widow’s husband. He also admits to having friends in the Jewish mafia and shares stories about his experiences. But the more time she spends with her father, the more convinced Becks becomes that Tootsie is lying…

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One Heart

Short, simple, beautiful 🙂

Via author Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett

sad girlOne Heart

Regina Puckett


We dance without touching

We hold on without clutching

We twirl around without moving

We say yes without approving

You and I are two worlds apart

Two bodies but only one heart

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