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Regina Puckett

Younger 12755200_sLive

Regina Puckett


What were you expecting?

Life is much more than reflecting

It’s about hard work and sweat

It’s about paying for each debt

It’s about laughter, hugs and tears

It’s about moments instead of years

It’s about giving more than you take

It’s about each raindrop and snowflake

It’s about holding on and then letting go

It’s about enjoying watching others grow

It’s about joy, love and sometimes even pain

It’s about seeking grace and dancing in the rain

Life is a wonderful gift that we’ll never deserve

But live, live, live – until your voice is heard

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Originally posted on lucinda E Clarke:
My guest this week lives in Oxford, England and is a psychotherapist by profession and a prolific writer. I enjoy her books which I would describe as deep, leaving lots of room for thought long…

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I Stole the Fairy Out of the Tales

Excerpt –
“I followed the yellow brick road to an impasse

I turned Aladdin out his tiny house made of glass”

Poetry & image via author Regina Puckett

#romance #horror #fiction #poetry

Regina Puckett

Book 17683057_sI Stole the Fairy out of the Tales

Regina Puckett


I followed the yellow brick road to an impasse

I turned Aladdin out his tiny house made of glass

I woke Sleeping Beauty before the Prince showed

I helped the Big Bad Wolf because he really blows

I held up the beanstalk long after Jack it cut down

I pushed Humpty Dumpty just because of a frown

I ate one of the Gingerbread Man’s legs and an arm

When the Boy cried wolf I told them it was a false alarm

I shaved all of the hair from Beauty’s ill-tempered beast

When the Red Hen went to make bread, I stole her yeast

I stole the fairy out all of the tales because I could

But that doesn’t mean that I behaved as I should

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Brand and copy right musings

An author’s thoughts on using real folk in his fiction – interesting comments as well! 🙂

via author Christoph Fischer

#fiction #celebrities


For my current work in progress I’ve chosen a real life event as background: The Eurovision Song Contest. I’ve attended one of those contests in 2013 and decided to pick that particular event as setting. 

Image credit: TVLine

The question for me was whether to use the actual people and celebrities who were present and performed in the show as characters in my novel or not.

If you watch shows and programmes like “South Park”, “Ab Fab” and “Tracey Ullman” they all use known celebrities and poke fun at them. It seemed silly to make up countries and singers when using the real ones gives a much more realistic flavour and the opportunity for insider jokes.

So I’ve started contacting agents and managers of said people to ask formally for permission. Not that I thought they could refuse me, after all I’m offering a very benign portrayal of said…

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Hi, and Welcome!

Nice summary of available info from an author I’ve only recently discovered and enjoyed – art & mysteries, how could I not? 🙂

via author Ritter Ames
Twitter – @RitterAmes
FB –

#art #fiction #mysteries

Ritter Ames -- Author of the Bodies of Art Mysteries Series & Organized Mysteries Series

I hope you’ve landed here because you love to read and you might even be fans of my Bodies of Art Mysteries or my Organized Mysteries. If you are, take a look at the black toolbar above and see if some of my pages would interest you.

For instance, you can read the early chapter excerpts of all my books, find free downloadable coloring pages that tie with my series, wander through interviews where my work has been featured, read reviews and even whole chapter samples. Also, of course, there’s a Where to Buy My Books page offering easy clickable links to your favorite booksellers for each of my titles.

Oh, and one more thing: when I’m not on a writing deadline (like I am at the moment) I try to post to my blog–just page down on this page and you’ll see the recent posts. These blog posts have…

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Until the World Hears

Short & very worth the read! Excerpt, “Every once in a while, I want to not dream…” – via author @ReginaPucket #life #persistence #poetry

Regina Puckett

Picture for Spellcheck Please dreamstime_xs_10996495[1]Until the World Hears

Regina Puckett


Every now and then, I want to call it quits

Every so often, I want to have kicking fits

Every once in a blue moon, I want to scream

Every once in a while, I want to not dream

But then, who would notice if I did any of that

In this world, I’m nothing more than an annoying gnat

So I’m going to continue chip, chip, chipping away

Until the rest of the world hears what I have to say


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I’m going to

One of many on an image-theme set in #Paris – from #photographer Tom Plevnik 🙂 #Tuileries

Tom Plevnik photography

…stay and live in Paris’ most glorious time. – Midnight in Paris Movie Quotes

DSC_3456-01 Rue des Barres

DSC_3490-01 Rue Samson

DSC_3498-01 Rue de la Butte aux Cailles

DSC_3516-01 Le Palais Royal

DSC_3531-01 Jardin du Palais Royal

DSC_3540-01 Jardin du Palais Royal

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Travel Tuesday, Anyone?

Happy 4th of July everyone! 🙂 Am sharing a blog post from author RitterAmes – Excerpt: “Happy Birthday, U.S.A! Here’s fireworks with a London twist!”

Ritter Ames -- Author of the Bodies of Art Mysteries Series & Organized Mysteries Series

Here in the states we’re celebrating the 4th of July, and hubby and I are heading for the lake to spend some quality time eating BBQ and talking to friends. But the joy of the internet is that I can also be online too, so I’m over at the Reade & Write blog today getting interviewed by Amy and sharing insights about writing and my latest release. Drop by if you have a minute and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to ask a question, make an observation, or tell us how you’re spending the day — here’s the link Reade & Write interview. In the meantime, I’ll be the one in the lounge chair under the shade tree, waiting for the fireworks to start, and grabbing the Lab to keep her from jumping in the lake then shaking water off on everyone around her–and trying…

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A very short (4 lines) poem with swift unexpected development from writer Regina Puckett @ReginaPucket #poetry #silence

Regina Puckett


Regina Puckett


Silence is only emptiness

A void’s licentiousness

The ear resting from chaos

Peace seeking its repose

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Wanna Know About Texas? My Texas? Watch “The Son” on AMC

June 28, 2017

Images are my own, All Rights Reserved, and are offered on Fine Art America (FAA) as posters, prints, greeting cards + more.

Rights Managed photo licensing is also through FAA.

Austin Hike and Bike Trail - Train Trestle 1 Sunset Right Greeting Card Poster - Over Lady Bird Lake @Felipe Adan Lerma - All Rights Reserved

Austin Hike and Bike Trail – Train Trestle 1 Sunset Right Greeting Card Poster – Over Lady Bird Lake @Felipe Adan Lerma – All Rights Reserved

The Son, on AMC

I won’t pretend to know all the history or histories of all the peoples of Texas. Like most of the world, it is beyond my capacity and, I’d guess, of any one person anywhere for any place people have lived.

But this show, “The Son,” set in both near mid 1850 and the early 1900s, is as close to what I experienced growing up in Houston in the early 50s and 60s as I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever so far.

Born in Texas, raised speaking only Spanish, learning English starting in Kindergarten, and seeing two sets of mixed yet distinct people – Hispanics and Indian descent / Anglo Saxons and Europeans – think they were really that much different from each other, I saw something different.

It wasn’t so.

They weren’t that different from each as far as I was concerned.

People who cared, in general and about me, lived in both worlds side by side.

Individuals filled with hate occupied both sides as well.

Young, before high school, I experienced being surrounded several times by a circle of boys kicking and taunting and willing to be brave against one person.

Those young boys thought they were of a kind and different from me.

Yet the looks in their eyes and their desire to hurt, were the same in all cultures.

As were the ones who stepped in to help me.

"Swan on Lady Bird Lake" (formerly title "Swan on Town Lake")

“Swan on Lady Bird Lake” (formerly title “Swan on Town Lake”)

Human nature – we can choose to see what we wish to see, in ourselves and others.

Something we’re obviously still struggling with today.

But maybe because I experienced the same good, along with the same but more rare ugliness, from all cultural sides, I never grew up believing the real problem was the tone of my skin, or the sound of the words from my mouth.

And what I also found growing up, was that an image or story could pierce through the supposed differences among people.

An ugly picture or boring story came across equally poorly to most anybody from any culture (smiles). And an image that told stories, like a story that painted pictures, most often found the same welcome acceptance.

If you want to feel the power of the human struggle, the story of Texas is as good a template as any, and AMC is, I believe, doing an incredible job of portraying that.

Yes, there are bad men and there’s good men – in all the time frames and cultures (white, Spanish, and Indian).

And though, universally, across all cultures, the women most consistently had the weakest hand, “The Son” doesn’t skimp there either. Strength and nuance, desire and frustration, come across loudly. Whether in a sigh, or glance away, or cry of desperation.

I’m not sure where Season 2 is going, though of course I know where the two time-threads have evolved to today. But I can feel a story worth telling being told. Maybe the one we’re living in now. All set in the rawness of Texas, a state smack in the middle of our southern border.

Our history books here in Texas may not tell us much about those times and how they mirror life in Texas today, but “The Son” sure does.

Thank you, AMC….

Rolling Hill Country - All Rights Reserved Felipe Adan Lerma

Rolling Hill Country – All Rights Reserved @Felipe Adan Lerma

I also write short stories and novels, some set in Texas, others in Vermont and Paris.

My Amazon author page is at –


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