Intro to a new Romantic Thriller author, Heather Ramsay via fellow writer, Lucinda Clarke 🙂

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lucinda E Clarke

This week it’s a huge welcome to Heather Ramsay who has recently published her first novel. It’s definitely going on my TBR list as it sounds just the sort of book I enjoy. First, a little about Heather.

Heather Ramsay grew up in a town just outside of Toronto, Ontario. After spending a few years working and exploring California, she now resides in Pennsylvania with her family.

 Personal trainer, yoga teacher, and group exercise instructor by trade, her true passion is writing. An avid reader and make believer from a young age, Heather dreamed of one day publishing her own book. When not reading or writing, you can often find her training, spending time with family, or chasing around a toddler.

Heather also added this which will make many of us smile and cheer!

Hello, my name is Heather and I’m a bookaholic.

Reading is my vice. Some people prefer television, others…

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Darkly Wood

Review of Darkly Wood

“Just when you think you have it all figured out…prepare yourself for a surprise. The plot flows smoothly and the characters are relatable….”

review by Melanie P. Smith Of Max Power’s well received (in her words) “spine-chilling love story”

Definitely sounds interesting 🙂

Melanie Smith @AddictiveReads * Max Powers @maxpowerbooks1

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Winter in Ljubljana

Lovely snow storm pictures from photographer Tom Plevnik 🙂

Tom Plevnik photography

Before the end of the winter, some photos of Ljubljana in the snow. After a long time, we were getting a lot of snow here. And I don’t like winter, low temperatures, cloudy and short days … I can’t wait to the end of the winter. And now it’s March and tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again 😦

2017-12-09 11.50.13DSC_2004-01DSC_2007-01DSC_2019-01DSC_2031-01IMG_0138IMG_0518IMG_0905IMG_E0683IMG_E0711IMG_E0713IMG_E0729Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomLYUQE8119Processed With Darkroom

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Whatever Comes

A wonderful positive poem to take in & feel –

Excerpt –
“Life is often so hard…”

via author Regina Puckett
Twitter: @ReginaPucket (with one “t”)

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Regina Puckett

Toes in the sand 10288683_sWhatever Comes

Regina Puckett


Life is often so hard

It leaves you scarred

It takes without giving

So why keep on living?

Maybe it’s for the passion

Maybe it’s for compassion

Maybe it’s you just want more

So you open another day’s door

Ready to take on whatever comes

Blessed to face one of God’s suns

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Giving the Women of Auschwitz a Voice – ‘The Power of Words’.

In incredible reminder –

“How could one man turn an entire nation against another people and their religion? By exploiting an issue of concern, promoting fear, and inflaming it to the point of contempt and hatred. The power of words, of language, of personality, of aggressive persuasion, and beguiling, insidious madness should not be underestimated.”

Rebecca Bryn

Royalties from downloads and page reads of Touching the Wire during Holocaust week will be donated to US Holocaust Memorial Museum  children AuschwitzAt the end of 2014, I published my first historical novel, Touching the Wire, a tale of courage, hope, and love set partly in Auschwitz, a place where courage was essential, hope was a luxury few could afford, and love was a rare shining beacon of compassion in a world dominated by the capricious brutality and hatred cultivated by Nazi Germany.

Much has been written about this heinous episode in modern history that informs and shocks. We like to think that it never happened before and that it could never happen again, but man’s inhumanity to man seems part of our genetic code, and we must be constantly aware of systemic racism, elitism, and religious bigotry that runs in the veins beneath the flawless surface of mankind’s…

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Can I walk along with you

Paris in the rain! Street photography by Tom Plevnik.

Love it! 🙂

#Paris #streetphotography #BWPhotography

Tom Plevnik photography

or can I buy you a coffee? Oh god, it’s starting to rain. That’s okay. I don’t mind getting wet. Paris is the most beautiful in the rain. – Midnight in Paris Movie Quotes

DSC_9119-01 Le Refuge

DSC_9122-01 Le Refuge

DSC_9127-01 Rue Lamarck

DSC_9134-01 Lamarck – Caulaincourt

DSC_9136-01 Lamarck – Caulaincourt

DSC_9288-01 Rue de Beaujolais

DSC_9298-01 Le Palais Royal

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One woman’s arc from, away, and back to being the creative person she began as –

excerpt, “When I first began creating my fabric images, I didn’t realize that I lacked joy and colour in my art, as I did in my life.

“I was a shy, insecure young woman who didn’t know how to achieve the life I wanted. I had no idea that my images were anything more than a “picture” to hang on the wall, because I, as a person, didn’t realize I had anything of value to say.

“Over time, I grew as an artist by my commitment to step out of my comfort zone, to contact strangers, to ask questions, and to seek answers. As I did this, my confidence also grew.”

#creativity #writing #art

lucinda E Clarke

I’m sure many readers will resonate with this week’s guest Barbara Carter, living with a burst of creativity inside and not knowing how to express it – life always gets in the way!

BARBARA CARTER was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a visual artist and writer and is currently working on a series of memoirs focusing not only on her personal journey but highlighting important issues such as: anxiety, depression, loss and grief and the not so great ways of dealing with inner pain. Also living with a narcissistic mother. Barbara has an amazing ability to shed light on the sometimes dark subject matter with her ability to use humor. She also instructs art classes and offers guidance in writing memoir. The focus of her work is on examining the past in order to heal and move on.

Barbara - May 2017

My story is about learning how to follow my inner voice/intuition/soul.

As a child…

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2 Short Story Reviews – The Consuming & Survival by Rhonda Hopkins

Nice review of two short stories by fellow Texan writer Rhonda Hopkins –

excerpt about the author, “Award-winning romantic suspense and horror author, Rhonda Hopkins, has learned firsthand that truth is stranger than fiction. Her two decades of experience as an investigator for her state and family courts give her characters a depth and realism that gives truth a run for its money.”

review via British writer Paul Ruddock


IASDBanner4IASDpicHere are my reviews of two short stories written by Rhonda Hopkins, an avid reader and prolific reviewer as well as being a valued IASD member and contributor. Having already read and enjoyed ‘The Consuming’ I knew  I was on safe ground taking advantage of the free download of ‘Survival’ (though it has now reverted to its original price. Having said that, both are free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited).


Amazon Description: Survival: Survival Series Prequel

When Sarah escapes from her brutal abductors, she promises to return to rescue her twin sister, but with the walking dead invading Fort Worth, TX, she is forced to rely on a competitive coworker who made her work life hell for years. With her coworker weakened by cancer treatments, her sister still imprisoned, and zombies looking for an easy meal, Sarah’s only plan, if she can pull it off, is Survival.

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Review: “Highest of Highs to Lowest of Lows: My Battles With Bipolar Disorder” by Michael Kinyanjui

Interesting review of one man’s articulate bio of living with and coming to understand bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression –

By Michael Kinyanjul via Christoph Fischer


Highest of Highs to Lowest of Lows: My Battles With Bipolar Disorder by [Kinyanjui, Michael ]This is a really impressive memoir, in part of what the reader can learn about bi-polarism and how it affects a person; in other parts it shows a writer insightful enough into the psyche of non-affected people to explain his feelings in a manner that grant us eye-opening and aha moments.
I have friends who suffer with the condition who didn’t have the gift to explain things as well as the author. Not following an entirely linear approach we get thrown in at the deep end and unwrap childhood and other ages later. Taking an extreme moment in the author’s young life, being arrested and imprisoned, as the starting point gives us an immediate sense of the volatility of the condition and brings in more than a mere sympathy perspective. How to make the police offers understand, the judge understand, anyone understand the difference between criminal activity and mental health…

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Making room for the new, and the good

Wonderful post with some lofty goals worth thinking about.

Excerpt, “When you’re motivated by desire to help those who are victims of ignorance, only then are you free from your suffering and feelings of violation”

via Phyllis Ring
Twitter @phyllisring

#healing #compassion

Leaf of the Tree


“Taz,” courtesy of Jon Ring.

When you suffer because of discrimination, there’s always an urge to speak out. But even if you spend a thousand years speaking out, your suffering won’t be relieved.

Only through deep understanding and liberation from ignorance can you be liberated from your suffering.

When you break through to the truth, compassion springs up like a stream of water. With that compassion, you can embrace even the people who have persecuted you.

When you’re motivated by desire to help those who are victims of ignorance, only then are you free from your suffering and feelings of violation. 

Don’t wait for things to change around you. You have to practice liberating yourself. Then you will be equipped with the power of compassion and understanding, the only kind of power that can help transform an environment full of injustice and discrimination.


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