Historical Saturday Review: “The Lyon Affair: A French Resistance Novel” by Ellie Midwood

Excerpt, “It is as much as historical novel with attention to authentic detail as it is a thriller that really keeps you guessing.” – sounds pretty good 🙂

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The Lyon Affair: A French Resistance novel (The Indigo Rebels Book 2) by [Midwood, Ellie]“The Lyon Affair: A French Resistance Novel” by Ellie Midwood is yet another page-turner with a lot of plot turns and twists. The author is truly gifted in surprising and fooling this old reader.
The story follows a cell of resistance fighters and several other characters in Lyon of 1940. It is as much as historical novel with attention to authentic detail as it is a thriller that really keeps you guessing.
The characters are fleshed out and populate a rich plot, making for an engaging and gripping read. I personally can’t get enough of WW2 fiction and this is one not to be missed.


For fans of “The Nightingale” and “All The Light We Cannot See”

“The Lyon Affair” – book two in ‘The Indigo Rebels’ series

A late diplomat’s son with a brilliant mind;
A Catholic priest with a dark past;
A young woman scorned by her…

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Simple, to the point, plus nice pics 🙂 via writer Susanne Leist



Embrace your passions. 

Don’t be afraid.

No one has the right 

to criticize you.

Be unique. 

Be different. 

Be proud.

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What I’ve Learned from 21 Days of My Creative Sabbatical

Via a perpetually creative lady Sheila & I met one SXSW – excerpt “Curiosity doesn’t always feel safe anymore, even when I crave it.” – and then she tells how she overcame that feeling… Really nice!

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Carrie Melissa Jones, Community Consultant

Editor’s Note: I originally published this piece on Medium. Follow me there for more updates on my journey.

Waterfall in the lower Cascades, November 2017 Waterfall in the lower Cascades, November 2017

A few days ago, I drove 45 minutes from my house through the wide and winding road of Interstate 90 in Western Washington. The road takes you along the bottom of the Cascade Mountain Range and transports you from the steel gray of the city of Seattle into the green gray of the mountains in less than an hour.

On this particular morning, I had a familiar anxious energy running through my body. This low level of anxiety had become my “normal”, my heart always beating a little faster than it should, my brain used to juggling my own as well as everyone else’s needs. It’s why, in essence, I’ve taken a creative sabbatical, as my friend Jonna proclaimed a few weeks ago. I…

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Fascinating 1st hand perspective! – “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” I think our youngest girl would definitely agree with that! 🙂

#traveling #memoirs #educator

lucinda E Clarke

Jill and I have been FB friends for a long time, I remember beta reading her first book, or was it her second? Anyway, I’ve read both and I highly recommend them. She is so right that travel broadens the mind and introduces you to different cultures and peoples. Jill is a true traveler in every sense of the word and has some great stories to tell.

birthday 59

I am an international educator and a writer. I write travel memoirs and articles about my experiences living in different countries while working as a teacher/administrator in American and international schools around the world. Documenting my travel experiences has given me opportunities to relive all the good, bad, harrowing, and remarkable events I endured along the way. Writing about traveling also comes naturally to me as I continue to encounter diverse cultures, distant lands, and historic sites in this unique lifestyle of mine.


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It Takes Work…Greta’s Blog

“Mindfulness” 16″x20″ Acrylic on Canvas ©Greta Olivas

“Mindfulness” 16″x20″ Acrylic on Canvas ©Greta Olivas


Reblog via Greta’s Blog http://blog.gretaolivas.com/2017/11/10/it-takes-work/

Excerpt – “There are several places you can find guided meditations with music that will give you mantras to repeat (like on YouTube). I personally started meditating with…”

#meditation #mindfulness #art


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excerpt – “Shadows roaming in blackness / A striking and deadly pair“

Poetry from suspense writer Susanne Leist. Short, interesting, thoughtful –

#poetry #suspense #night #TheUnknown


When night comes softly
On feet as light as air,
I can see clearly
Of what I shouldn’t care.

Alone on this hilltop
With the embracing cold,
Boundaries cannot stop
Me from being so bold.

I want to look at the night,
Gaze out into the unknown,
Dare to dream of my flight,
And dream of where I have flown.

Secrets hidden in darkness,
Beneath a cloak of despair.
Shadows roaming in blackness,
A striking and deadly pair.

At night I can roam free
And sail forth on gossamer wings.
Be all that I can be
No matter what the dark night brings.

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Recently Sold by Felipe Adan Lerma at Fine Art America Plus New Work

Below is the text of my short Fine Art America (FAA) newsletter I sent out recently, so this is a reblogged of sorts 🙂

If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter at FAA (sent out once or twice a month at most), please sign up at – https://fineartamerica.com/subscribememberemaillist.html?memberidtype=artistid&memberid=459979 .

Each of my images at FAA has expanded commentary, a full resolution viewer, a smaller watermark (removed on purchase or licensing), plus related links –

New work featured in the newsletter isn’t shown here but is easiest seen in the chronological sequencing at – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html?tab=artwork .

Thanks so much, sincerely – Adan


Self Portrait 4 - Circa mid-80s

Self Portrait 4 – Circa mid-80s

Hello, everyone!

Sheila and I are back in Texas after a wonderful trip in Vermont!

My last image shot in VT the evening of my birthday was at Perkins Pier and that image sold this past week (smiles) .

Perkins Pier Sunset * @Felipe Adan Lerma

Perkins Pier Sunset * @Felipe Adan Lerma

Please click image for FAA page

Shortly after my print of my original oil set in Central Park during a record March cold snap also sold!

Central Park Record Early March Cold Circa 2007 WP @Felipe Adan Lerma

Central Park Record Early March Cold Circa 2007 WP @Felipe Adan Lerma

Please click image for FAA page

I hope you’ll click on the image and leave a comment, plus visit some of my other new work at Fine Art America.

The header is a pic Sheila took of me by one of my early acrylic originals back in the 80s – fun looking back! 🙂

Hope everyone’s well, and definitely wishing us all the best –




Images at Fine Art America – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html

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New Header – The Arts & Felipe Adan Lerma (smiles)

Just a quick post to announce my new header for my website.

Simple, clean, and fun 🙂

Here’s a copy of it below – since when it changes eventually, there’ll be a record of it here —

FB Header1 png


Images at Fine Art America – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html

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Thanks for these first reviews for “The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac”

First reviews for author Christoph Fischer’s new book, “The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac” #mystery #5StarFiction


Thanks for these first reviews for “The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac”
5.0 out of 5 stars

November 4, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac: Key To The Truth by Christoph Fischer is a refreshing return of Arpan, Anuj, Hilda and Erica from the precious novel, The Healer. Though I read the book after its release I just finished listening to the book on audio tape which I enjoyed immensely. The timing couldn’t be better for this new release as I have been sitting with great anticipation wondering where this story will lead us. And now that I have finished this story, I  am surprised by all the twists that had me shocked at each turn. Nothing is as it seems and the questions only kept adding up.

I am a fan of Mr. Fischer’s work and The Healer has…

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Urban Fantasy

An interesting self-discussion (welcoming input) while asking, “is urban fantasy just fantasy for lazy writers?” if you’ve ever pondered the distinctions between sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, magic and more, this’ll get you going 🙂

#fantasy #scifi #urbanfantasy #magic #fiction #dinasours

Eric Lahti

Back when my son was still wildly into dinosaurs, I found a book called Dinopix by Teruhisha Tajima. It was a bunch of photo edits that posited what the world would be like if dinosaurs had lived into the current day. It didn’t concern itself with the struggles early humans would have had to deal with when encountering a hungry T. rex or a pack of Deinonychus, nor did it deal with what evolution would have done with those creatures over the past 65 million year. Dinopix dropped dinosaurs, as they were before they went extinct, straight into the modern world.

Please clean up after your diplodocus. Carry a very large bag and a shovel.

The result was brilliant and enchanting. Although, as I recall, my son was less than impressed with it than he was with Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, which melded two kiddo favorites into…

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